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Eternal Perspective Ministries Staff and Board Members


Brenda Abelein

Brenda AbeleinBrenda Abelein works part-time as support staff at EPM, both as a receptionist and also assisting other staff with projects.

Randy Alcorn

Randy AlcornRandy Alcorn is the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries (EPM), and the author of over 40 books.

Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie AndersonStephanie Anderson is the communications and graphics specialist at EPM.

Doreen Button

Doreen ButtonDoreen Button's main responsibilities are editing Randy's books and articles.

Karen Coleman

Karen ColemanKaren Coleman is a full-time Ministry Assistant at EPM.


Bonnie Hiestand

Bonnie HiestandBonnie Hiestand is considered the resident typist for Randy.

Linda Jeffries

Linda JeffriesLinda Jeffries is the EPM office manager.

Shauna Kopra

Shauna KopraShauna Kopra works part time as the Marketing and Communication Specialist at EPM.

Sharon Misenhimer

Sharon MisenhimerSharon Misenhimer works part-time as staff support at EPM.

Dwight Myers

Dwight MyersDwight Myers is the shipping clerk for EPM.

Kathy Norquist

Kathy NorquistKathy works in Ministry Development, and is also on EPM's Board of Directors.


Chelsea Weber

Chelsea WeberChelsea Weber works part-time at EPM in training to job share with Randy's assistant. 

Tami Yeager

Tami YeagerTami Yeager is EPM's Customer Service Representative.


Randy and Nanci Alcorn

Randy and Nanci AlcornBoth Randy and Nanci love spending time with their growing family.

Kress Drew

Kress DrewKress Drew is blessed to be a local high school math teacher and football coach, and feels truly honored and thankful to work with people at such an exciting time of life.

Jay Echternach

Jay EchternachJay Echternach has been on the EPM Board since 1991.

Mark and Debbie Eisenzimmer

Mark and Debbie EisenzimmerMark and Debbie feel honored to serve together on the EPM board. 

Robin Green

Robin GreenRobin Green is a retired elementary teacher from Central Oregon. It has been her privilege to serve on the board of EPM since 1991.

Steve Keels

Steve KeelsSteve Keels has been on the EPM board since its beginning.

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