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A Matter of Conscience

By Randy Alcorn | February 13, 2012
I’m writing today about a very serious development that threatens religious freedom in our country. I am not one to overreact to such things, but this particular case may have far-reaching implications.

Investing Time in Reading God’s Word

By Randy Alcorn | February 6, 2012
Revive Our Hearts, a great ministry that my daughters and a number of our ministry staff have benefited from, recently posted a link on Facebook to this two-minute video about finding time to read your Bible.

Christians and Politics?

By Randy Alcorn | February 3, 2012
I am grateful for those Christians who are called to be legislators, judges, and otherwise involved in the political arena. I am also in favor of people—in the right context—protesting injustice. On the other hand, Christians often turn politics into something too important.

Spurgeon: “Man fashions for himself a god after his own liking”

By Randy Alcorn | January 27, 2012
Charles Spurgeon has a remarkable way of getting to the heart of things. The more modern evangelical books I read, the more I feel the need to go back to Spurgeon and see him cut through the fog and get to the true business of following Jesus.