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Randy Alcorn's Blog

Ask Randy: Looking for Your Questions

microphoneThose of you who enjoy the resources from Desiring God (a site we highly recommend) are probably familiar with “Ask Pastor John”, where John Piper answers questions on video. That’s our inspiration for this feature: we’re inviting those of you who read Randy’s blog to submit your question for him in a comment on this post. We’ll choose three of those questions

El Elyon: God Most High

El ElyonI’m often asked why I use the term “Elyon” in reference to God in my novels. Though I am comfortable making up names for men and angels for the purposes of fiction, I would not presume to make up a name for God. That’s why I chose a name that, while unfamiliar to many people, is specifically revealed in Scripture.

September Giveaway: Heaven Leader’s Package

Heaven Leader's PackageHi, I’m Stephanie, the promotions director at EPM, and I’d like to let you know about this month’s giveaway on Randy’s blog. We’re giving away three sets of the Heaven Leader’s Package, which has everything you need to lead, or personally do, a study on Randy’s book Heaven.

A Man from Heaven: How would he spend his money?

Charles SpurgeonRecently I was working on a book project that involved my reading through messages Charles Spurgeon preached on Heaven. I was delighted to come across a passage in which he affirms some of the same teachings I lay out in my books The Treasure Principle and Money, Possessions and Eternity. While writing those books years ago, had I been aware that Spurgeon had said what follows, I certainly would have quoted from him!

Thoughts about Thinking for the Christian

man sittingMy friend Justin Taylor recently posted this on his excellent blog, one of my favorites. I also enjoy Tim Challies's blog, which Justin refers to. Here are some important thoughts about thinking and the Christian life.

The Church: Don't Give Up on God's Plan

ChurchI tire of the incessant church-bashing and endless tales of people disillusioned with their churches. Yes, Christians can be jerks, and we’ve all had rough times in churches, largely because they consist of people too much like us: sinner-jerks in need of grace and truth and growth.

The problem is, Jesus calls the church his bride. He died for her, and says that ultimately the gates of hell won’t prevail against her. So if you give up on the church, you give up on God’s plan.

Who Made God?

Who Made God?From time to time I like to review books on my blog. Who Made God?: Searching for a Theory of Everything is a book that offers ideas and insights most of us have never pondered. Author Edgar Andrews presents compelling arguments that challenge the prevailing mechanistic worldviews. His good humor helps him present weighty concepts and makes them easier to grasp.

Truth and the Mind Matter

2007 Desiring God National Conference SpeakersI'm honored to be one of the Friday seminar speakers for this year's Desiring God National Conference, which has the theme "Think: The Life of the Mind & the Love of God." After I speak on Friday, October 1 about "Difficult Truths & Deep Love: Pondering Sovereignty, Suffering, and the Promise of Heaven," Nanci and I will be staying to attend the featured weekend conference, October 2-3.

What about Family Planning?

baby feetThe video in this blog, "How Should Christian Couples Approach Family Planning?" is part 5 of my interview with Mark Driscoll. (Watch all the interview videos.) You might like to check out my book I referenced in the video, Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?, which is also available for free as a PDF in its entirety.

In this blog I've included part of a conversation between two Christians who have different viewpoints on the issue of birth control, as well as a link to the complete article

Announcing the Winners of The Goodness of God Book Giveaway

Here are the three randomly drawn winners from The Goodness of God giveaway on Randy’s blog. What a blessing to read all of your comments and see the Scripture that has encouraged and helped you during difficult times. There is nothing like God's Word!

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