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Caring about All Suffering, Especially Eternal Suffering

HopeI have written about Hell in a number of my books, both nonfiction and fiction. It is an unpleasant subject, one which modern Christians are tempted to avoid and deny. And the church’s avoidance of it inevitably leads to many church-goers denying it.

Humility: Operating within God’s Grace

Praying handsPuritan Theologian John Flavel said,

"They that know God will be humble; they that know themselves cannot be proud."

As Christians, we are chosen by God, and also targeted by Satan.

Winners of the Christmas Giveaway

GiftHere are the three randomly drawn winners from the Christmas giveaway on Randy’s blog. The winners may choose either 50 Days of Heaven or The Promise of Heaven. We’ll also give each winner three “Knowing Aslan” booklets.

Sermons on Evil and Suffering

Dan and Karina FranklinSeveral weeks ago I preached at my home church, Good Shepherd Community Church, on Romans 8, especially verse 28, “In all things God works for the good of those who love him, those called according to his purpose.” The following week my pastor Dan Franklin (who’s the husband of our daughter Karina) gave an outstanding message based on John 11.

Christmas Giveaway: Heaven Gift Books and “Knowing Aslan” Booklets

GiftHere at EPM we’ve been featuring a “Countdown to Christmas”—three weeks of sales on several of Randy’s books. This week we’re offering Randy’s hardcover Heaven gift books, 50 Days of Heaven and The Promise of Heaven, at 60% off the retail prices.

In honor of our sale, we’re doing a two-day giveaway this week, and the three randomly chosen winners may choose either 50 Days of Heaven or The Promise of Heaven. We’ll also give each winner three “Knowing Aslan” booklets.

The Meaning of Christmas

My friend Robin Hatcher sent me the following link. This song and its singers may or may not fit your musical tastes. But in terms of its message, it is RIGHT on target, and a great reminder of what this Christmas season is about.

What Bible version do you use?

BibleI actually use a number of translations, including the English Standard Version (ESV). I also use the New International Version (NIV) and in the past I’ve used the New American Standard Version.

Moral Implications of Fertility Issues

couple walkingWe recently asked a physician expert to answer an email question we received that was way out of my league. Dr. Jessica Farnsworth gave such an excellent reply that we got her permission to use it as a guest blog. Thanks, Jessica!

The question: What things should we consider about intra-uterine inception (the precursor to in vitro fertilization)?

My wife and I have been trying to have children for about two years now, to no avail.

Tips on Writing from C.S. Lewis

C.S. LewisFor the past few days, I was at a cabin at the Oregon coast to do some extensive, uninterrupted writing on the Courageous novel. Related to writing, my friend Justin Taylor posted this a few months ago on his excellent blog. Loving Lewis as I do, I've heard it before, but part of it not for years.

Opera at Macy’s

Someone sent Nanci and me a link to this video, and we loved it. May our hearts be drawn to the Christ of the Christmas season, who is the Christ of all seasons.

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