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How did Eternal Perspective Ministries begin? part 1

perspectiveThis month marks the 20th anniversary for Eternal Perspective Ministries, the nonprofit ministry I founded in 1990. Some of you who read my blog might not know much about EPM, so thought I’d share in two blog posts about the abortion clinic lawsuits that led to my resignation as a pastor and to the beginning of EPM.

If God Is Good Study Guide

If God Is Good Study GuideFrom Stephanie Anderson, promotions director at EPM

Looking for a book study this fall? Then I’d encourage you to check out our newly released If God Is Good Study Guide. It would be a great study for your church or small group, or even if you as an individual would like to delve deeper into the subject of evil and suffering. This is a substantial study guide, not just questions and white space.

Sci-fi Nerds and Heaven

EnterpriseRecently one of our EPM staff members fowarded me this question from her husband: Will there be sci-fi super nerds in Heaven? And will we all get together and build the Enterprise?

Over the years I have been asked many profound questions about Heaven.

This is not one of them.

Young Prolife Evangelicals and Abortion

Unborn childFollowing is part four of my video interview with Pastor Mark Driscoll at The Resurgence, as well as an edited transcript. (See all the parts of this interview at http://theresurgence.com/series/randy-alcorn-interview.) This video is titled, “Are Young Pro-life evangelicals inconsistent in how they approach the issue of abortion?”

C.S. Lewis's Influence on My Life and Writing, part 2

In my last blog, I wrote about one of my three pilgrimages to Oxford. (I also shared that I'll be attending and speaking at the C.S. Lewis Foundation's 2010 Southwest Regional Retreat & Writer's Workshop, October 28-31. See the PDF download for more information.) Each visit I’ve pondered what Lewis wrote: “You must picture me alone in that room in Magdalen…I gave in and admitted that God was God, and knelt and prayed: perhaps that night, the most dejected and reluctant convert in all of England.”

C. S. Lewis’s Influence on my Life and Writing, part 1

C.S. LewisThose who have read my books know that all of them have been touched in one way or another by C.S. Lewis, because ultimately the books we write are the overflow of the books we’ve read. I look forward to meeting Jack Lewis, and exploring the New Earth, where there will be time for us all to walk and talk, with new friends who are also old friends, in the joyful presence of King Jesus.

August Giveaway: The Goodness of God

The Goodness of GodThe Goodness of God, a new book from Randy, releases on Tuesday, August 10, and this month three randomly drawn winners will receive a copy of the book. (It is available as an audio book as well, read by Randy. Winners may choose the audio version if they prefer.) You might also like to check out the If God Is Good Study Guide, another product releasing on August 10.

A Prayer for Christopher Hitchens

Christopher HitchensI have read outspoken atheist Christopher Hitchens, listened to his debates, and attended a debate he was part of. I marveled that there are some Christians he seems to respect, while radically disagreeing with them. I have prayed for him now and then, but this note (from Faith & Freedom Network) and the link prompts me to pray for him in particular now.

Everyone We See Has a Story

Click-fila-ACheck out this video produced by a company I really respect, Chick-fil-A. I think it’s very moving. It reminds me of the divine appointments God gives us daily. It also encourages me to pray, even if briefly, for many people I see in passing and do not know.

Lecrae's "Don't Waste Your Life"

LecraeAt the end of tennis season I gave our six graduating seniors from the team I help coach a bag of books with a video and one CD, Rebel, by the rapper Lecrae. One of the kids wrote me a note saying how he loves the CD and is listening to it daily.

One song on the CD I love is "Don’t Waste Your Life," which is the same title as John Piper’s book.

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