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Disabled Children and Our Cultural Blindspot

Boaz ReigstadAs far back as the 1980's, I read about a survey of pediatricians in which 3/4 said they would abort if knew they were going to have a Down Syndrome Child. Another survey of pediatricians and pediatric surgeons re­vealed that more than two out of three would go along with parents’ wishes to deny life-saving surgery to a child with Down syndrome.

“The God Who Sees Me”: Achu’s Hope

AchuRecently, Kimberly Smith, founder and director of Make Way Partners, posted on her blog the story of a Sudanese orphan named Achu. Like so many orphans, Achu’s account of suffering and abandonment was heartbreaking enough, but there was more—this 15-year-old girl was suffering from a horrific open wound that threatened to take not only her leg, but her life.

Why Should We Believe in a Historical Adam?

A historical AdamLast month Kevin DeYoung posted an excellent blog called “10 Reasons to Believe in a Historical Adam.” I can’t say enough about the importance of this subject. Everywhere I turn, including on the campuses of many Christian liberal arts colleges, I see the drift away from believing in an historical Adam and Eve.

Women Need Support and the Truth, Not Abortion

UltrasoundGuest post by Kathy Norquist, executive assistant to Randy Alcorn

Recently a Texas judge upheld a law that requires a woman to be shown an ultrasound before obtaining an abortion. His decision was discussed on The View and Joyce Behar and Barbara Walters made the following stunning statements

Detective Ollie Chandler Interviews Rebecca Butler

DeceptionRecently someone mentioned on my Facebook page that he was reading Deception and laughed his way through the chapter where the main character Detective Ollie Chandler interviews an eccentric lady named Becky Butler. I really enjoyed writing that scene, which I’ve included as an excerpt in this blog.

“Eternal Perspectives”: A Collection of Quotes about the Life to Come

Eternal PerspectivesI have always enjoyed reading books of well-chosen quotations on interesting subjects. I like the breadth, the variety, the joy of discovering a beautifully written or particularly insightful observation. I like writing that causes me to think about and to rethink positions I’ve taken for granted but may not be accurate.

Dan Franklin on the Growing Consistency of the Pro-Choice Position

ConsistencyRecently my son-in-law Dan Franklin, married to my daughter Karina, wrote a very insightful article on his Facebook page. Dan is the teaching pastor at Life Bible Fellowship in Upland, California. Dan takes a fresh slant on new developments in the abortion debate.

“Monumental” Movie Tells an Important Story

MonumentalWhile visiting friends in Texas last week, Nanci and I saw Kirk Cameron’s documentary Monumental. We found it interesting, inspiring, and very well done. It’s very engaging, and tells an important story.

The Hunger Games and a Hunger for the Real Life

The Hunger GamesI’ve received notes from readers asking about my take on The Hunger Games movie and books. I haven’t personally read the books or watched the movie, but I’m sharing some thoughts from Julia Stager, graduate student in theology and support staff here at Eternal Perspective Ministries.

The Contraception Controversy Is about More than “Just Contraception”

Chuck ColsonI have a lot of respect for Chuck Colson, who is in the hospital with a serious condition, in need of our prayers. I appreciate his involvement in helping the Christian community develop a godly worldview by keeping us informed about timely issues facing our nation. 

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