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Os Guinness on the Vocation of a Man’s Life

Os GuinnessI’m continuing to post videos this week for The Game Plan for Life Volume 2 study. (See my blog post from Monday for more about the study.) Today’s video is from Os Guinness, author of the chapter on vocation in The Game Plan for Life.

Oswald Chambers: You Are Not Your Own

Oswald ChambersI appreciated this writing by Oswald Chambers, a Scottish minister and teacher whose teachings were compiled in the classic devotional My Utmost for His Highest.

Our Call to Care for Orphans

True, not every family is called to adopt or to provide foster care. But should the people of God as a whole be challenged to get involved and support other people in the body of Christ who are? I would say they absolutely should support not only those in their own church who wish to adopt or foster, but also those in other churches and other places.

Our Perspective and God’s Perspective

Mountain viewPrayerful examination of the deep questions of God’s sovereignty and our choices ought to humble us, especially when it seems mysterious and we can’t see how everything fits together.

Overcoming Temptation by Looking Past It—and Looking Up

Overcoming Temptation / Road at Sunset / photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin ccTemptations always look good—otherwise they wouldn't be temptations. In this video from Desiring God, Ben Stuart offers advice for overcoming temptation: looking down stream to anticipate where the temptation leads, and looking upstream to God.

The Panda, One of God’s Creatures

PandaGod says He reveals His attributes in His creation. Check out and enjoy just one of thousands of His creatures—the Panda. 

Part 2 of my interview with Time Magazine about the Courageous Movie and Novel

Scene from CourageousEvery novelist knows that movies don’t just have plots, they have themes. And in the exploration of those themes there is inevitably a message, whether or not it is carefully crafted. The message may be that life is random, pointless, hopeless, chaotic, cruel, or that it is full of both good and bad, and that even in the bad there can be ultimate purpose and meaning.

A Passion to Know the King of Kings

“I ask God to set me on fire and let people watch me burn.” - John Wesley / A Passion to Know the King of KingsWe tend to be passionate about things that don’t matter, fanatics and fans about what won’t last. But we are afraid to look like fanatics for Jesus. We seem determined to portion Jesus out in acceptable portions, unwilling to appear fools for Christ. 

Pat Robertson does it again, this time attacking adoption

Pat RobertsonA few weeks ago Pat Robertson did it again...a “family values” advocate undermining biblical family values. At first I thought I wasn’t going to comment. But it continues to bother me that a supposed spokesperson for the Christian faith continues to make remarks that are so contrary to the gospel of Christ. 

Pat Robertson versus Robertson McQuilkin on Alzheimer’s and Marriage

Pat Robinson

Pat Robertson has said something so stunning, so at odds with the Word of God and the heart of our Savior, that when I heard he had said it I thought he had been misunderstood or misrepresented.

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