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Pat Robertson does it again, this time attacking adoption

Pat RobertsonA few weeks ago Pat Robertson did it again...a “family values” advocate undermining biblical family values. At first I thought I wasn’t going to comment. But it continues to bother me that a supposed spokesperson for the Christian faith continues to make remarks that are so contrary to the gospel of Christ. 

Pat Robertson versus Robertson McQuilkin on Alzheimer’s and Marriage

Pat Robinson

Pat Robertson has said something so stunning, so at odds with the Word of God and the heart of our Savior, that when I heard he had said it I thought he had been misunderstood or misrepresented.

Patriotism and the Church?

FlagI realize this will not be well-received by people on both sides of this issue (which may be partly why I like it), but Kevin DeYoung’s thoughts on patriotism and church capture almost perfectly my own. That doesn’t make them right, but it does mean that I’m going to highly recommend you read this whole article.

Paul Tripp on Motivation and Obedience in Children

Paul TrippI read this question, from Abraham Piper, and answer, from Paul Tripp, on the Desiring God blog. For those of you not familiar with Paul, he's the president of Paul Tripp Ministries, whose purpose is "to place the truths of the Gospel—the person and work of Jesus Christ—in the middle of the messy and confusing situations and relationships in which every person lives."

Peace Child Revisited, 50 Years After First Contact

Peace ChildMany years ago I read Peace Child by Don Richardson. This great missions story had a strong impact on my life, demonstrating the power of the gospel in a primitive culture.

The Persecuted Church: Ignored by the World, Watched by the Eyes of Heaven

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted ChurchThis Sunday, November 13, is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, a global day of intercession for persecuted Christians worldwide. It’s a day to remember and pray for the hundreds of men, women, and children killed for Christ each day.


A Perspective on Halloween

lit pumpkin

The following letter, written from the perspective of the demon Ishbane, is from my novel The Ishbane Conspiracy, which I wrote with my daughters, Karina and Angela. In the book's context, one of the characters, Ian, is dabbling in the occult.

Perspectives on College: Blogs from Desiring God

Chalk and eraserFor those just starting college, or returning, this series of video blogs from Desiring God is outstanding. I highly recommend you read and watch them, and that parents and others do the same.

Perspectives on Louie Giglio, the Homosexual Issue and What It Means to Be a Christ-Follower in This Culture

Louie GiglioLast Thursday the internet exploded with the Louie Giglio “scandal.” What was this outrageous revelation? An eighteen-year-old recording of a sermon Louie preached. His sermon actually shows that—wait for it—this Christian pastor believed and taught what the Bible has said, and virtually all Christians have believed, for two thousand years.


Pets: God's Gift to Us

God is so gracious to give us animals. In Genesis 1 and 2, one of the first responsibilities given to the first man and woman was to care for the animals.

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