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Randy Alcorn's Blog

My latest book: “hand in Hand: The Beauty of God’s Sovereignty and Meaningful Human Choice”

hand in Hand by Randy AlcornMy new book hand in Hand was just released yesterday. Why a book on this topic? Of all the questions we confront in life, none is larger and more perplexing than the question of God’s sovereignty and human choice. 


My Love for Reading

stack of booksI learned to love reading through comic books: Archie and the Marvel comics among them, especially the Fantastic Four. But mainly I was a DC fan, my favorites being The Justice League of America (Green Lantern was my hero) and The Legion of Super Heroes (go, Lightning Lad). From there I dove into science fiction and fantasy, spending my nights looking through my telescope, then coming to bed freezing and reading science fiction by flashlight under my covers, so Mom wouldn't see the light on.


My Mom’s Impact as a Sunday School Teacher

Lucille AlcornRecently, my friend Kathi Hedin sent me a letter, telling me about how her daughters having my mom as a Sunday school teacher when they were young inspired Kathi to begin teaching Sunday school herself. This was special to me, as I have such wonderful memories of encouraging my mom to say yes to an invitation to teach for the first time.

My Most Vivid Memory was Being Robbed at Gunpoint

Randy reading as a teenagerWell, did that get your attention? I ran across this email correspondence recently, related to Randy’s growing up years, and thought I’d share it with you. A high school student wrote a letter to Randy as part of her English class project. Here’s her letter along with Randy’s response.

My Thoughts on the Beijing Olympics, and Darfur

Joey CheekI love the Olympics. Nanci and I were jumping and screaming yesterday when our American guys came from behind to win the 4 x 100 freestyle relay. An amazing race. Wow!

Sadly, last week China revoked the visa for Joey Cheek, Olympic gold-medalist and co-founder of Team Darfur, a coalition of 400 athletes from around the world speaking out about the atrocities in Darfur, Sudan.

My Thoughts on “The Disappearing Book”

I am absolutely convinced that  the books one  reads possibly  help mold one’s  life more purposefully  and eternally than we  ever realize. —Ravi ZachariasA lot of people have asked me my thoughts about the possible “disappearance” of physical books, due to the fact there are all the different eReaders people are now reading on: the Kindle, the iPad, the Nook, and others.

My Top Five Recommended Books on Heaven

Recently, Christianitytoday.com posted an article from Paul Enns called “My Top 5 Books On Heaven.” He included some very kind words about my book Heaven. Thanks, Paul.

When I was researching Heaven, I read 150 volumes on the subject, many long out-of-print. Since the book came out I’ve read a dozen more.

Nanci, my best friend for 40 years

Nanci AlcornDecember 7, this Sunday, is the 40th anniversary of the day Nanci and I met. We were freshmen in high school. It was a double date in which we went to see two new movies at Portland's Village Theatre on 122nd: the original The Odd Couple, with Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon, and The Americanization of Emily with Julie Andrews.

The Narrow but True Path

RoadOur friend Pat Maxwell recently sent us these amazing photos. When I saw them, many of the verses below came to my mind.

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