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C. S. Lewis on Gambling and Church Attendance

God in the Dock audioI have been rereading C. S. Lewis’s God in the Dock, a collection of his essays. Actually, I’ve been listening to the audio, sent to me by the wonderful folks at christianaudio.com. I love it. I am a big fan of audio.

C. S. Lewis on Good and Bad, Christianity and Dualism

Mere Christianity

I’ve been “rereading” Mere Christianity, actually listening to it on audio. I first read it as a young Christian forty years ago. I’m amazed that this book seems to get even better with time.

C. S. Lewis on the Vulnerability of Love

C.S. LewisI appreciated what C. S. Lewis wrote in The Four Loves about the vulnerability of love:

To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly be broken.

C. S. Lewis’s Influence on my Life and Writing, part 1

C.S. LewisThose who have read my books know that all of them have been touched in one way or another by C.S. Lewis, because ultimately the books we write are the overflow of the books we’ve read. I look forward to meeting Jack Lewis, and exploring the New Earth, where there will be time for us all to walk and talk, with new friends who are also old friends, in the joyful presence of King Jesus.

California Vacation and Deadline Movie Script Read-Through

Mt. LassenHere’s a photo I took Saturday on Mount Lassen, at about 7,000 feet. The lake, the flowers, the sky—beauty popping up out of barrenness, all declaring God’s glory.


Calvin Miller, author and Christ-lover, with the Lord

Calvin MillerFive days ago a friend and author, poet, artist, speaker and professor Calvin Miller exited this world and entered a better one. The first time I met Calvin, I told him how his classic Singer trilogy had shaped and influenced me and charged my imagination as a teenager, a brand new Christian in the 70’s.

Campus Crusade's Name Change

CruI so emphatically agree with John piper's assessment of this that I'm quoting his whole blog on it. Do NOT interpret the name change as compromise, but only as good strategy.

Can a graphic novel be Christ-honoring and gospel-centered?

Graphic novelsI’ve found there’s a common stereotype among believers that a graphic novel is inherently immoral, theologically unsound, and undermines rather than uplifts God’s Word, Christ, and the gospel. It’s true that secular graphic novels frequently have themes and content that dishonor God. But there are exceptions to this. 

Can it be Heaven if people are aware of anything bad on Earth?

Red LeavesMany maintain that those in Heaven cannot be aware of people and events on Earth because they would be made unhappy by all the suffering and evil; thus, Heaven would not truly be Heaven. I believe this argument is invalid.

Can parents go overboard when protecting their children?

Can parents go overboard protecting their children? / father walking with daughterI think the answer is yes. But I’m all for reasonable protection. Sometimes Nanci and I joke when we put our grandchildren in their car seats with all the straps. We laugh that we’re putting them in the space shuttle and locking them in. Then we think about when we were kids—if there was a quick turn, we just rolled! That’s how it was. The good old days weren’t that good, because we weren’t that safe. I used to ride in the back of pickup trucks with my friends all the time. You never think of doing that today.

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