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Sacrificing Children on a Republican Altar?

Rudy Giuliani and Pat RobertsonWhen I wrote my blog last week in support of Mike Huckabee, I didn’t know what I was getting into. My intention was to write two blogs, then go back to normal blog life, which for me doesn’t involve politics.

Safely Home the Musical Drama

Safely Home drama

Last year I received a letter and DVD from Darcy DeLeon, who teaches at Temple Christian School in Lima, Ohio. Darcy and her team turned my novel Safely Home into a musical drama, which was performed by the school’s students last March. A lot of effort went into producing it, and I really appreciate it!

Samuel Davies on Christ's Greatest Joy

Samuel DaviesI appreciated this thought from Samuel Davies, an evangelical pastor and educator from the 1700's, especially as we seek to remember and celebrate Christ's death and resurrection in the coming days. 

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is this Weekend

babyThis Sunday, January 24, is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday; marking the 37th anniversary of the United States Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade on January 22, 1973. There is a great spiritual warfare associated with the issue of abortion. Killing children is Satan's way of striking out at the very heart of God. If he cannot kill God, the next best thing is killing those created in God's image. He is killing God in effigy.


Sarah Palin, Experience, and Video from Colorado for Equal Rights

Sarah PalinHere's one of my favorite recent quotes: “I'm still having trouble expressing the depth of my anger about McCain's choice of a running mate.” Cecile Richards, President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Satan, the Original Author of Child-Killing

Child-killing is not simply "one more social issue."Some of you have heard by now about the prochoice activists in Texas who earlier this month mockingly chanted “Hail Satan!” during protests against the late-term abortion ban in Texas (which passed last Friday).

Writing for LifeNews.com, Matt Barber says:

I would like to take a moment to pause and personally thank our Satan-hailing friends for their brutally wicked honesty.


Save Saeed

Save SaeedSome of you have followed the story of the Iranian pastor Saeed Abedini. Saeed was in Iran helping with an orphanage when he was arrested for sharing his faith in Christ. His wife is still struggling with how much she should tell the children about what their father is going through.


Saying Goodbye to Moses

with MosesI shared briefly on Facebook what happened a couple of days ago, but wanted to blog about it now and add quite a few other thoughts and links.  


School Officials Face Possible Jail Time for Public Prayer

Praying handsTo be honest, I sometimes tire of all the emailed and website warnings I receive about how the civil rights of Christians are being eroded. Yes, there is usually some truth in them, but overstatement as well. So I’m sometimes skeptical.

In this case, however, posting this article from the Washington Times seems appropriate.


Sci-fi Nerds and Heaven

EnterpriseRecently one of our EPM staff members fowarded me this question from her husband: Will there be sci-fi super nerds in Heaven? And will we all get together and build the Enterprise?

Over the years I have been asked many profound questions about Heaven.

This is not one of them.

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