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Snow on the New Earth, and a New Year's Resolution

snowHere in our part of Oregon, the snow is melting off as quickly as it came. But we had about ten days in the middle when it was a winter wonderland—making December 2008 our snowiest month since January 1950, four years before I was born.

This big snowy blob in our driveway is our Subaru wagon. Since I have a ten foot commute to my office, attached to our garage, transportation wasn't an issue.

They say Gresham, where we live, was hit harder than any part of the greater Portland area. A lot of Christmases merge together in ...

Winners of the Tell Me About Heaven Giveaway

Tell Me About HeavenHere are the winners from the Tell Me About Heaven giveaway, each of whom will receive a signed copy of the book.

The randomly drawn winners are:

1) mlpinky
2) Anonymous (frogkb)
3) Paul Tedder

It’s our privilege to also choose a few more winners:

1) Roger Putman
2) Elizabeth (asquaredplus2)
3) Kathy
4) Amy Guerino

All winners, please e-mail me at stephanie@epm.org with your mailing address and who you would like the book signed to.

Check back at Randy’s blog on January 5 for the next book giveaway!

Stephanie Anderson
Promotions Director
Eternal Perspective ...

God Sends Christmas Snow, Clean and Quieting

snowGod’s voice thunders in marvelous ways;
he does great things beyond our understanding.

He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth,’
and to the rain shower, ‘Be a mighty downpour.’ Job 37:5-6

Usually here in my part of Oregon there are more mighty downpours than great snows. But my brother Lance and I, who've lived here all our lives, were just agreeing that this is the most snow we've seen since 1968, forty years ago. We vividly remember sledding together at our home just two miles from where Nanci and I live.
Yesterday I took ...

Family snow photos, and some Funny Pics on file

Two of our grandsons are in southern California visiting their other grandparents. They and their parents made it out of town before the snow and ice.


Meanwhile we've spent a few days with our other grandsons, Jake and Tyler Stump, who live just up the road from us. We were on the sled, threw snowballs and built a snowman in our side yard. You can't often do that in our part of Oregon, and we've had a blast.




Then tonight Nanci and I took out Steve and Sue Keels for Steve's 53rd birthday. Mexican food, a ...

Volition: A Terrific 15-minute Film

VolitionFour days ago I watched a short film called "Volition" that is extremely powerful and well done. It's a great investment of fifteen minutes. I watched it twice. I highly recommend that you grab a cup of coffee and view this, undistracted. Maybe have your family watch it together after dinner. I really like this one!

It was filmed mainly in three days in August on a small budget, to be entered in a short film contest. There's not much info on it on the web yet, so likely you haven't heard of it. But when you ...

Jim Harrell, Perspectives in Suffering, Part 3

Jim HarrellC. S. Lewis said, "God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains. It is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”

In the final eight minutes of this three part video, Jim Harrell, dying of ALS but living with an eternal perspective, says, “Suffering is the icy cold splash that wakes us up from the complacency of living this life. We truly don’t see God and his purpose and strength without suffering, because we just become too comfortable.”

If you didn't see the first two parts of the video, check ...

Jim Harrell, Perspectives in Suffering, Part 2

Jim HarrellSee my previous blog to learn a little about my friend Jim Harrell, who has ALS, and watch the five minute video that precedes this one.

Or, just go straight to the ten minute one below. I guarantee you, this ten minutes will bring more to your day than almost anything else.

Tell Me About Heaven Book Giveaway

The Tell Me About Heaven giveaway is now closed.  

This month we’re giving away Randy’s children’s book Tell Me About Heaven, which has been beautifully illustrated by artist Ron DiCianni.

Tell Me About HeavenGently guides adults and children to see what the Bible really has to say about Heaven and those who live there.
Ten-year-old Jake struggles to understand his grandma's death. But as he spends two weeks at his grandfather's home, he is able to receive answers to his questions about Heaven.
As Jake and Grandpa fish, watch the stars, and take long walks, Grandpa shares what ...

Jim Harrell, Perspectives in Suffering, Part 1

Jim HarrellIn the past year I've gotten to know Jim Harrell, a friend I've exchanged emails with and talked with once on the phone. I interviewed Jim on the subject of suffering for the book I'm currently writing. Jim has read some of my books, including Heaven, and wrote me telling his story. Turns out we have a mutual friend, Chris Mitchell.

One Saturday morning in 2003, Jim received a call delivering the kind of news no one wants to hear. His doctor told Jim he had Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, better known as ALS or Lou Gehrig's ...

Nanci, my best friend for 40 years

Nanci AlcornDecember 7, this Sunday, is the 40th anniversary of the day Nanci and I met. We were freshmen in high school. It was a double date in which we went to see two new movies at Portland's Village Theatre on 122nd: the original The Odd Couple, with Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon, and The Americanization of Emily with Julie Andrews.

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