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Randy Alcorn's Blog: About Randy Alcorn

Read Through the May 14 #AskAlcorn Twitter Chat

Read Through the May 14 #AskAlcorn Twitter Chat

Thanks to those who joined me last week for #AskAlcorn! The EPM staff has put together a recap of the questions and answers.

Why you’re probably not seeing my Facebook posts, even though you’re a friend or follower

Have you liked my page but aren't seeing the posts?Those of you who are active on Facebook may or may not realize that even if you’ve “liked” a certain Facebook page, chances are that over time, you’re not seeing many (if any at all) of the posts from that page in your home feed.

An Eternal Perspective: An Interview with Tabletalk Magazine

Tabletalk MagazineTabletalk: How did you become a Christian, and how did you receive the call to ministry?

Randy Alcorn: I grew up without Christ and without the church. When I was in high school, I attended a church to see a girl I’d met. But God can use even our wrong motives for his right purposes.

Books on Preaching, Managing Time, and Sports Nanci and I Watch: Part 2 of a Q&A

The Tyranny of the UrgentIn Charles Hummel’s booklet Tyranny of the Urgent, which I read as a young Christian thirty-five years ago, he said that what is urgent is often not important, and what is important is typically not urgent.

Devotional Habits, Books I’m Reading, and the Best Constructive Criticism I’ve Ever Received: Part 1 of a Q&A

BibleMy normal approach to Bible study is to pore over texts that relate to something on my mind and heart. Sometimes this has been prompted by my research on current book projects.


Uncoolness, Tolerance, and Christ’s Bride the Church

ChurchI came to Christ at an uncool church (not the one in the photo, but built in the same era). Coming from the family of a tavern owner, and never having been part of a church, it was strange to hear the way people spoke, how they dressed (the men wore suits and ties) and what they sang, including occasional songs in Swedish.


Seeking to Reveal the Unseen

1 Cor. 10:31I did an interview about my job as a writer with Clash, a website for Christian teens. The work I do is more than “just a job” to me. My writing is a ministry, because ministry is service, and every aspect of our lives is to be a service that glorifies our Lord: “Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1 Cor. 10:31).

A Tale of Four Alcorns

Someone I’d never met came up to me after I spoke at a conference.

“I’ve got a problem with you,” he said, face sour.

“Take a number,” I said.

Pets: God's Gift to Us

God is so gracious to give us animals. In Genesis 1 and 2, one of the first responsibilities given to the first man and woman was to care for the animals.

My Most Vivid Memory was Being Robbed at Gunpoint

Randy reading as a teenagerWell, did that get your attention? I ran across this email correspondence recently, related to Randy’s growing up years, and thought I’d share it with you. A high school student wrote a letter to Randy as part of her English class project. Here’s her letter along with Randy’s response.

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