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Randy Alcorn's Blog: Books

Are You Encouraging Your Kids to Read This Summer?

Heaven for Kids / Credit: Ann VoskampI’ve shared before my concern that children who don't grow up to be readers will not be readers of God's Word. In today’s culture, addiction to video games, movies, TV and social media has drained many young people of the time and interest to discover the virtues and satisfaction of reading. But there’s nothing like reading to feed the soul and enlarge the imagination.

Heaven Is for Real, the Movie

Heaven Is for Real movie, Todd and Colton BurpoSince I’ve written a book on what the Bible says about Heaven (though I’ve never been there), I’ve been asked a lot of questions about the Heaven Is for Real book, and now the movie.

How Can We Encourage Christ-followers to Read?

Reading in a bookstoreOver the years I’ve bought and read thousands of good books. I cannot divorce God's works of grace in my life from great books. I love a good movie, but I find that for me television is incapable of having the deep and profound positive effect on my spiritual life that books do. That's one reason I'm so concerned about the plunging literacy rates for young people, especially boys.

I’m including in today’s blog part of an article by George Thomsen, manager at the award-winning Harvest Bookstore.

My Thoughts on “The Disappearing Book”

I am absolutely convinced that  the books one  reads possibly  help mold one’s  life more purposefully  and eternally than we  ever realize. —Ravi ZachariasA lot of people have asked me my thoughts about the possible “disappearance” of physical books, due to the fact there are all the different eReaders people are now reading on: the Kindle, the iPad, the Nook, and others.

Thoughts on The Shack in light of the author’s new novel and devotional

The ShackFor years I was asked to respond to The Shack, and though I didn’t do so publically, I did write an extensive review of it that I made available to a small number of people privately. It now seems appropriate to finally post an updated version of what I wrote years ago, since I still receive so many questions about the book.

Dialogue with Publisher About Mary Neal’s To Heaven and Back

Bible and penIn the previous blog I expressed concerns about some doctrines in the new bestselling book To Heaven and Back, by Mary Neal. This is my second and last article on this subject. It’s lengthy, but I think it’s important and I don’t want to drag it out with several shorter articles.

To Heaven and Back: Another Visit-to-Heaven Book

To Heaven and BackAfter its release two months ago, I guessed Mary Neal’s book To Heaven and Back would become an influential bestseller like its predecessors, so I read it. Sure enough, it has remained #1 in the “Paperback Advice & Miscellaneous” category of the New York Times Bestsellers List for nine weeks.

Choosing Gratitude: A Must Read

Choosing GratitudeYears ago, I determined that I wanted to write a book on the importance of gratitude in the Christian life. But not long ago I read Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s book Choosing Gratitude and realized I no longer needed to!

Congratulations to Tyndale House Publishers on their 50th Anniversary

TyndaleI’m grateful to all my friends at Tyndale for agreeing to publish books I believe God has put on my heart, starting with the first edition of my book Money, Possessions and Eternity back in 1989.

“Eternal Perspectives”: A Collection of Quotes about the Life to Come

Eternal PerspectivesI have always enjoyed reading books of well-chosen quotations on interesting subjects. I like the breadth, the variety, the joy of discovering a beautifully written or particularly insightful observation. I like writing that causes me to think about and to rethink positions I’ve taken for granted but may not be accurate.

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