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A Christ-centered Marriage Is Christ-centered Parenting

By Randy Alcorn | November 17, 2010
I recently read what I would call a GREAT book on parenting: Gospel-Powered Parenting: How the Gospel Shapes and Transforms Parenting, William P. Farley (Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing, 2009).

Courageous and My Time in Atlanta

By Randy Alcorn | October 27, 2010
Earlier this month I said yes to writing a novel based on the screenplay of the new movie Courageous. Both the movie and novel will be released a year from now.

El Elyon: God Most High

By Randy Alcorn | September 17, 2010
I’m often asked why I use the term “Elyon” in reference to God in my novels. Though I am comfortable making up names for men and angels for the purposes of fiction, I would not presume to make up a name for God. 

Who Made God?

By Randy Alcorn | September 6, 2010
From time to time I like to review books on my blog. Who Made God?: Searching for a Theory of Everything is a book that offers ideas and insights most of us have never pondered.

Reading Books v. Reading Online

By Randy Alcorn | July 16, 2010
I recently read an interesting article by David Brooks, at The New York Times website. What follows is an excerpt:

My Love for Reading

By Randy Alcorn | April 26, 2010
I learned to love reading through comic books: Archie and the Marvel comics among them, especially the Fantastic Four. But mainly I was a DC fan, my favorites being The Justice League of America (Green Lantern was my hero) and The Legion of Super Heroes (go, Lightning Lad).