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Keeping an Eternal Perspective When You Need to Move

By Randy Alcorn | August 15, 2016
When you’ve been present where you invested in your church, neighborhood, community, schools, vocation, team, and all your working relationships, leaving that behind and starting in a new place is hard. (Something would be wrong if it weren’t.)

Facing Fear with Faith

By Randy Alcorn | July 18, 2016
Whether you suffer from specific phobias, a chronic fear of harm or death to yourself or loved ones, or any other fear, here are some suggestions for handling them.

Matt Chandler’s Challenge to Men

By Randy Alcorn | July 13, 2016
One of my deepest concerns is to see men, young men in particular, who have become increasingly content with doing little in life, sometimes resulting in their wives becoming their caregiver and provider and, effectively, the sole parent of their children.

Shining Christ’s Light in a Dark World

By Randy Alcorn | July 8, 2016
In a dark world, our hearts are cheered by seeing light wherever it appears. Often light is embodied in a Jesus-follower, in whom we see a secondary reflection of Jesus, who is the Primary, the Light of the world.

The Danger of a Single Story

By Randy Alcorn | June 29, 2016
Instead of a paternalistic single-story, “those-poor-ignorant-people” point of view, Christians, of all people, should view others as true equals whose lives are as complex as our own and who do not have a single story but many stories that characterize themselves, their families and their culture.

What Does Your Tipping Say About Your Faith in Jesus?

By Randy Alcorn | June 27, 2016
I have heard many stories from restaurant servers, both believers and unbelievers, who say that they get the smallest tips from people who come to eat after leaving church on Sunday mornings. This should not be.

David Mathis on Your Single Most Important Habit

By Randy Alcorn | April 8, 2016
In this article from Desiring God, David Mathis draws a compelling connection between being part of the local church and developing healthy spiritual habits in life. I truly believe the key to spirituality is the development of little habits, such as Bible reading and memorization and prayer, and certainly that includes the habit of being part of a church.

Gospel-Driven Hospitality

By Leanna Shepard | March 25, 2016
This article from Revive Our Hearts staff member Leanna Shepard, with thoughts from a conversation with Rosaria Butterfield, encourages us to take a closer look at how hospitality can be a ministry and a way to share the gospel, as well as a way for us to grow in Christlikeness.