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When Divine Appointments Don’t Feel Pleasant

By Randy Alcorn | August 18, 2017
I’ve been encouraged to pray, even if briefly, for many people I see in passing and don’t know. This I do know—God created them, loves them, and desires them to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth (1 Timothy 2:4).

True Leading Is Serving

By Randy Alcorn | August 14, 2017
In most cases, I think we in church and ministry leadership honestly do want to be Christ-honoring servants. But all of us can find it difficult to do the hard and thankless things that servants do, especially when no one is watching.

Encouragement to Men to Study the Bible and Theology, and Find Great Happiness

By Randy Alcorn | August 2, 2017
Many Christian men would agree that they’re experts in business, hunting, fishing, football, or cars. Sadly, however, even those who attend Bible-teaching churches may know very little about the Bible and theology. (Everything I talk about in this blog pertains to women also, but I know more women than men who study God’s Word, and I believe men are missing out on joy and happiness as a result.)

3 Things to Remember When You’re Browsing Through Social Media

By Angela (Alcorn) Stump | July 26, 2017
How do we, as believers in Christ, love each other well on social media? Yes, the writer of the post has a lot of responsibility, but remember, as you’re scrolling through the endless library of social media feeds, you, the reader, also have a responsibility. Here are three things to consider as you’re browsing. 

3 Things to Remember Before You Post on Social Media

By Angela (Alcorn) Stump | July 24, 2017
Three years ago we shared the original version of my daughter Angela’s article on social media, and it was one of the most popular posts we’ve ever had. She’s since revised and expanded her post into a two-part series. Since the expanded version is every bit as relevant and helpful as the original, I wanted to share it with you. In part one, Angie encourages us to stop and think about what we’re posting on social media.

Jon Bloom on You Become What You Eat

By Jon Bloom | July 17, 2017
This blog by my friend Jon Bloom is one of those that I resonated with from start to finish. Hope you enjoy it, and take it to heart. In these days in which we live, it is so true, so relevant, and so important for all of us.

God’s Works of Art Point to Him

By Randy Alcorn | June 2, 2017
If we might endlessly ponder an artist’s rendition of a person, such as the Mona Lisa, shouldn’t we ponder all the more, and benefit from pondering, the wonder in the face of real people we see daily? And in particular, the marvelous person and work of Christ? 

The Cumulative Effect of Our Little Choices

By Randy Alcorn | May 8, 2017
Have you ever seen a sink hole? Cars can be parked on a street day after day, and everything appears normal, then one day the asphalt caves in and cars disappear into a gigantic hole. Everybody says, “That hole came out of nowhere.” But they’re wrong.

God's Plans for Our Days Are Far Better Than Ours

By Randy Alcorn | May 5, 2017
Don’t assume that when your plans get changed that your day is ruined. The unexpected encounter or conversation, sometimes appearing to very inconvenient, is exactly where God has called you.