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What Does God Think about Animals and Taking Care of Them?

By Randy Alcorn | September 25, 2015
Perhaps because many environmental and animal-rights activists scorn the Bible and Christian beliefs, I believe Christians have often overreacted and ignored our stewardship job description when it comes to animals.

God as Master Artist

By Randy Alcorn | May 19, 2014
In a sermon titled “God Rejoicing in the New Creation,” Charles Spurgeon said this: "If a man thinks that what God has made is not very good, he cannot be very good himself. In this he contradicts his God. It is a beautiful world we live in."

A Sea Turtle Video

By Randy Alcorn | June 14, 2013
I love sea turtles. Some of my greatest memories are hanging out with turtles while snorkeling or diving. 

God's Small Creatures

By Randy Alcorn | July 20, 2012
Incredible photography in this video showing what goes on in the “small” world around us, a world of little creatures God created.