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Some Powerful Insights from John Rhys-Davies

By Randy Alcorn | September 14, 2015
Actor John Rhys-Davies, best known for his portrayal of Indiana Jones’s Egyptian friend Salla in Raiders of the Lost Ark and its sequels, and Gimli in The Lord of the Rings, gave an interview recently and made some powerful and insightful points.

On the Wrong Side of History?

By Randy Alcorn | July 15, 2015
A common argument against Christian moral positions that are increasingly unpopular: "Get your head out of the sand; look around and see where things are clearly headed!"

Here We Stand: An Evangelical Declaration on Marriage

By Randy Alcorn | June 29, 2015
The way to love people is never to celebrate our sin or theirs, our temptations or theirs, but to come in humility as a fellow sinner and point to the One who paid for all our sins on the cross, and offers forgiveness.

How Should We View Muslims?

By Randy Alcorn | June 17, 2015
We can and should love Muslims, pray for them, defend their civil rights, reach out and help them. But we can still believe their religion is false and that no matter how devoutly they practice it, without Christ they will go to Hell.

Atheism’s Foundation for Morality Is Built on Culture’s Shifting Sands

By Randy Alcorn | May 25, 2015
Many years ago I took a sequence of college philosophy classes from a likable atheist. I found the ethics course most interesting. Every time it came to the question of why the professor believed something to be right or wrong, he could say only that it “seemed” to him to be best, it “seemed” to him to help the most people. In other words, it always boiled down to his personal preference.

Counter Culture by David Platt

By Randy Alcorn | February 6, 2015
I’m grateful for David Platt and voices like his, who are calling the church to be faithful to God’s Word and extend both the grace and truth of Jesus in the midst of an increasingly hostile culture.