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Randy Alcorn's Blog: Culture and Worldview

What’s a Marriage? Does It Matter Whether There’s a Man and a Woman?

Mary KassianMary Kassian answers the question of how a marriage is properly defined. I appreciate her thoughts. 

Why the Hobby Lobby Case Matters

Hobby LobbyKevin DeYoung is a pastor and an excellent writer. His blog is one of my favorites. I’ve talked about the Hobby Lobby case before, but asked Kevin’s permission to repost his blog: 

Why You Should Care About the Hobby Lobby Case—And Be Alarmed

Perspectives on Louie Giglio, the Homosexual Issue and What It Means to Be a Christ-Follower in This Culture

Louie GiglioLast Thursday the internet exploded with the Louie Giglio “scandal.” What was this outrageous revelation? An eighteen-year-old recording of a sermon Louie preached. His sermon actually shows that—wait for it—this Christian pastor believed and taught what the Bible has said, and virtually all Christians have believed, for two thousand years.


How Significant is Our National Debt, and What Are Its Implications?

balance scaleI have pointed out before that one thing Republican and Democratic administrations have in common is their apparent unwillingness to do what it takes to balance our budget.


Inside Information about Mankind

Mere ChristianityThis is an excerpt from C. S. Lewis’s classic Mere Christianity. If you’ve never read the book, I highly recommend you do. And if you have read it, I think you’ll enjoy rereading it or listening to the audio, as I’ve done recently.


Thoughts about John Lennon, his Death, and the Ray Comfort video Genius

John LennonDecember 8 is the anniversary of John Lennon’s death. He died 32 years ago. I’m going to end by linking you to a fascinating new video that talks about John Lennon and much more. But first, some thoughts about him.


Hobby Lobby and Mardel Ordered to Provide Abortion Pill Coverage

David GreenDuring the election season I addressed the issue of religious liberties and the implications the reelection of our President would have. I so much wish I was wrong about this. Here is a Christian businessman who owns Hobby Lobby and Mardel Christian bookstores, and employs thousands of staff. He is being ordered by the administration, and this has been upheld by a district judge, to violate his conscience by paying, via insurance, for his employees’ abortion-causing chemicals and procedures.

Challenge Those Who Value Tolerance to in Fact Be Tolerant

QuestionOur culture lives by a double standard. We place tolerance above all things, including truth. But those who consider themselves unyieldingly tolerant often prove to be decidedly intolerant.


C. S. Lewis on Good and Bad, Christianity and Dualism

Mere Christianity

I’ve been “rereading” Mere Christianity, actually listening to it on audio. I first read it as a young Christian forty years ago. I’m amazed that this book seems to get even better with time.

What do you think about linking current events to the end times?

Wheat fieldWhat exactly is going to be the outcome of today’s current events in the Middle East and around the world? We simply don’t know. That takes us right back to the Word of God, where we need to be in the first place.

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