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Randy Alcorn's Blog: Eternal Perspective Ministries

Why Your Purchase from EPM Is Making a Difference

Box with Randy Alcorn booksThis February has been customer appreciation month at Eternal Perspective Ministries, and I want to personally thank those of you who have partnered with us by purchasing from our online store, as well as those who have prayed for us, and been involved with our ministry through social media. We are deeply grateful to God for our supporters.

How EPM Is Impacting Eternity, and How You Can Join Us

Randys books / EPM impacting eternityWe don’t share this kind of post very often, but every once in a while it seems appropriate to share a little more about Eternal Perspective Ministries, and the work we’re doing to make an eternal difference around the world for Christ. 

How the Word of God Sets Prisoners Free

freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners (Isaiah 61:1)I especially loved the video included in this blog because EPM has a heart for seeing prisoners come to Christ and grow in their faith. By God’s grace we are now sending out an average of 679 books each month to inmates and chapel libraries. (EPM staff member Sharon Misenhimer sends ministry information and/or books to over 300 prisoners each month. It’s a busy job!)

Ways to Connect with Our Ministry Online

Find EPM onlineOur ministry, EPM, encourages people to live in light of eternity, and one of the ways we seek to do so is by having a presence on several major social media sites. Some of you may follow us one place, but don’t know we’re present elsewhere in a different form. 

A Child’s Life-Saving Heart Surgery

ChangpiOne of the ministries EPM supports is Action International. Devendra and Koko Rai work with Action in India, and in November, Devendra sent out a prayer request for the daughter of an Indian pastor.  Changpi (who turned 7 on December 8) was diagnosed with a hole in her heart that created complications in her liver.


Free Resources and More from EPM

EPM LogoHere at Eternal Perspective Ministries, we receive some wonderful notes and letters from readers letting us know how Randy’s books have blessed them and helped them develop a deeper walk with Christ. Randy and the rest of the EPM staff are always encouraged and humbled to read these responses.

How did Eternal Perspective Ministries begin? part 2

Money Possessions and EternityIn the last blog post, I shared the story of the civil lawsuit that caused me to resign as a pastor and begin Eternal Perspective Ministries.

I had written about God's ownership in my book Money, Possessions and Eternity, which came out in 1989, only months before I became involved in civil disobedience. Little did I know while writing that I would literally own nothing—including that book itself—within a year of when it came out.

How did Eternal Perspective Ministries begin? part 1

perspectiveThis month marks the 20th anniversary for Eternal Perspective Ministries, the nonprofit ministry I founded in 1990. Some of you who read my blog might not know much about EPM, so thought I’d share in two blog posts about the abortion clinic lawsuits that led to my resignation as a pastor and to the beginning of EPM.

So what do you guys do at EPM?

Guest post from Kathy Norquist, Randy's executive assistant.

LettersSince we get asked this question from time to time, and because we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary this year, we thought it might be fun to give you a sneak peek into the daily happenings at Eternal Perspective Ministries. Much of our time is taken up connecting with people through email, phone calls, and snail mail. They may want to order books, tell us how God has used a book in their life, ask a question related to an issue Randy writes and speaks about, or inquire about his availability for a speaking engagement or phone conversation.

Have you checked out the resources of Eternal Perspective Ministries?

computerSince I hardly ever talk about Eternal Perspective Ministries here, many of my blog readers may not be familiar with it. So I want to use this post to introduce you to our website and also some of the free publications the ministry produces.

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