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#AskAlcorn Live Twitter Q&A

#AskAlcorn Live Twitter Q&A

I really enjoy hearing from readers of my books. I also enjoy hearing from followers on social media, so on next Thursday, May 14 the EPM staff will help me host a live Twitter Q&A from 12-1 p.m. PT.

Golden Retriever Fails Obedience Test

As owners of a Golden Retriever, Nanci and I can totally relate to this video. Note the concentrated obedience of the first two dogs who pass all the distractions and the treats to run their hearts out. Then, note the Golden Retriever. 

Backslashes vs. Forward Slashes

Backslash and Forward SlashElsewhere I’ve written about many myths and outdated grammar that people routinely think are correct, and they’re driven crazy by authors who are “wrong.” Having received such letters, as all writers do, I’m the last person who wants to be picky about either grammar or punctuation. But let me choose an example that may be the single most often misstated term in punctuation. That’s the backslash versus the slash, which is now often called the forward slash.

Praising God with Music, and a Powerful A Cappella Video

Playing guitarI love the transcendence of great music, a gift from our Creator who is, no surprise, creative! The Bible is full of examples of people praising God with singing and musical instruments.

Surf Like a Pig

Surfing PigMost people you meet are partial to dogs or cats. Some, as in the case of the man in this video, are even partial to pigs.

The Things Dogs Teach Us About Life

Golden Retriever PuppyThose of you who follow my blog or Facebook know that Nanci and I love dogs. She and I like to talk about our resurrection (post-bucket) lists, consisting of all the things we look forward to doing after we die, and in particular, after the resurrection. Nanci’s post-bucket list includes her dream to spend a lot of time with dogs.

The Panda, One of God’s Creatures

PandaGod says He reveals His attributes in His creation. Check out and enjoy just one of thousands of His creatures—the Panda. 

When the Dog Stays at Home Alone...

Our dear friend Diane Meyer, always alert to dog videos, passed this one on to us, and we enjoyed it. Also for cat lovers, though the cat has only one action scene.

Dogs, Human Ingenuity and Delight in God

Maggie GraceOur Golden Retriever Maggie got a kick out of this video, and so did we. Makes you smile, and I believe it makes God smile. It’s a little tribute to human ingenuity, as God’s image-bearers, and to canine adorability, both reflecting the creativity and beauty of God. 

A video that celebrates people, dogs and laughter (and in doing so celebrates our Creator)

MaggieGod gives us greater and lesser reasons for laughter, but the lesser ones are a gift from Him also. Here is a video that works in any language—and that shares the delight in the universal language of laughter. Nanci and I loved it. I don’t think our Golden Retriever Maggie could quite pull this off, though she would love to be given the chance. 

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