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Randy Alcorn's Blog: Grandkids

Grandson Ty Scores His First Competition Basket

On Friday two of our four wonderful grandsons spent the night, and we took them to their Saturday morning basketball game. Jake, the six year old scored 5-6 times, and scored last week in his first game. But his little brother Tyler, at 4 years old, scored his first competition basket ever Saturday. See this video I took.

5 Years Ago, and 35 Years Ago

Jake Stump

Five years ago today, Jake Stump, our first grandchild, was born. Thursday everybody comes over to celebrate this milestone. Love you, Jako! You're a delight. (And so are those other grandsons!)

Summer and Grandkids

Matt FranklinMatt Franklin turns five in November. Loves to hike with us in the "forest" near our house. A math prodigy and a wonderful kid.

Family snow photos, and some Funny Pics on file

Two of our grandsons are in southern California visiting their other grandparents. They and their parents made it out of town before the snow and ice.


Meanwhile we've spent a few days with our other grandsons, Jake and Tyler Stump, who live just up the road from us. We were on the sled, threw snowballs and built a snowman in our side yard. You can't often do that in our part of Oregon, and we've had a blast.




Then tonight Nanci and I took out Steve and Sue Keels for Steve's 53rd birthday. Mexican food, a ...

Some Thoughts about Fathering (and Grand-fathering)

Randy,  Karina and AngelaFatherhood's an incredible privilege, one we should thank God for every day, but which too easily we grow accustomed to and take for granted and, if we're not careful, occasionally resent. (For instance, after weeks without having a good sleep.)

Four Blessings from Above: The Joy of Grandchildren


It’s been a while since I showed pics of our grandchildren. Many of you have endured sleepless nights wondering when I was going to get back to them. Now you can relax and breathe again.

Reflections on Christmas 2007, Children and Gratitude to God

Christmas 2007This was our first Christmas with family numbered in double digits. Nanci and I are deeply grateful for our wonderful daughters, our awesome sons-in-law and our four priceless grandsons. Including Jack, little Santa.


Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee and my Grandchildren

Ron PaulThis is my fourth and final blog on presidential candidates. If events arise that justify it, I will address political matters in the future. But for now, this is it. Next week I’ll return to normal blogging, whatever that may bring. (Maybe something about Dietrich Bonhoeffer or C. S. Lewis, who I’ve been rereading lately.)

I said I’d comment on Ron Paul, the Texas congressman with libertarian ideals who is running for the Republican nomination.


Welcome, Jack Timothy Franklin

Jack FranklinAt 9:00 PM Thursday, I got a phone call from Nanci as I was putting grandson Matthew Franklin to bed in the room that once was his mother’s. As Nanci talked, in the background was a loud cry, out of the mouth of Jack Timothy Franklin. Jack had just come into the world at 7 pounds, 12 ounces, and 19.5 inches.

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