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Randy Alcorn's Blog: Heaven

Will we drink coffee on the New Earth?

Coffee in the eternal Heaven?Both Nanci and I love a good cup of coffee. Actually, I like about three good cups of dark, strong coffee—preferably French Roast, with milk. I'm like one of my fictional characters, homicide detective Ollie Chandler, who drank enough coffee that Juan Valdez named his donkey after him.

Where God’s People Go When They Die

Airplane wing / Heaven analogyWill Christians live in Heaven forever? The answer depends on what we mean by Heaven. Will we be with the Lord forever? Absolutely. Will we always be with him in exactly the same place that Heaven is now? No. It may seem strange to say that the Heaven we go to at death isn’t eternal, but it’s true. Let me suggest an analogy to illustrate the difference between the intermediate Heaven and the eternal Heaven. 


Fixing Our Eyes on the Unseen

2 Corinthians 4:18 - "We fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen"Even though as Christians we affirm the reality of the spiritual realm, sometimes we succumb to naturalistic assumptions that what we see is real and what we don’t see isn’t. Many people conclude that God can’t be real, because we can’t see Him. And Heaven can’t be real, because we can’t see it. But we must recognize our blindness. The blind must take by faith that there are stars in the sky. If they depend on their ability to see, they’ll conclude there are no stars.

Six Eternal Truths to Remember Each Day

Six Eternal TruthsThe trend today is to focus not on our eternal future (who cares about the “sweet bye and bye”?) but our present circumstances, as if this world were our home. Yet Scripture states the reality of our eternal future should dominate and determine the character of our present life, right down to the words we speak and the actions we take (James 2:12; 2 Peter 3:11–12).

Let’s be sure to remind ourselves today—and every day—of “the real thing.” Here are six eternal truths to remember. 

The Problem with Christoplatonism

The false assumptions of Christoplatonism, compared to Genesis 1:31: And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good

Christoplatonism—there’s a word that you don’t hear every day. It’s actually a word that I made up (probably the only word I’ve ever made up!) and used in my comprehensive Heaven book to speak of the Christianized philosophy of Plato.

God’s Fastest Land Animal—a Work of Art

CheetahIf you enjoy nature and nature photography like I do, you’ll love this. And relax...no blood is spilled.


Ollie Asks for a Reason to Anticipate Heaven

DeceptionIn this excerpt from my novel Deception, Detective Ollie Chandler looks to Jake and Clarence for a reason to anticipate Heaven.


Enjoying Rest, Now and in the Life to Come

Matthew 11:28

It’s ironic that it takes such effort to set aside time for rest, but it does. For me, and for many of us, it’s difficult to guard our schedules, but it’s worth it. The day of rest points us to Heaven and to Jesus, who said, “Come to me, all you who are weary....and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

Will there be books and reading on the New Earth?

Bookworm, by SpitzwegI believe that on the New Earth, we’ll also read books, new and old, written by people. We’ll have strong intellects, great curiosity, and unlimited time. It’s likely that books will have a greater role in our lives in Heaven than they do now. The libraries of the New Earth, I imagine, will be fantastic.

To Heaven and Back: Another Visit-to-Heaven Book

To Heaven and BackAfter its release two months ago, I guessed Mary Neal’s book To Heaven and Back would become an influential bestseller like its predecessors, so I read it. Sure enough, it has remained #1 in the “Paperback Advice & Miscellaneous” category of the New York Times Bestsellers List for nine weeks.

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