Randy Alcorn's Blog: Heaven

Signposts of the New Earth

By Randy Alcorn | November 7, 2011
I’ve never been to Heaven, yet I miss it. Eden’s in my blood. The best things of life are souvenirs from Eden, appetizers of the New Earth. There are just enough of them to keep us going but never enough to make us satisfied with the world as it is or ourselves as we are.

Eagerly Anticipating the New Heavens to Come

By Randy Alcorn | November 18, 2011
Astronomy has been my hobby since childhood. Years before I came to know Christ, I was fascinated by the violent collisions of galaxies, explosions of stars, and implosions into neutron stars and black holes.

Heavenly Minded and of Earthly Good

By Randy Alcorn | November 28, 2011
Over the years, a number of people have told me, “We shouldn’t think about Heaven. We should just think about Jesus.”