Randy Alcorn's Blog: Heaven

Sharing The Promise of Heaven

Some have asked me how The Promise of Heaven is different than my other Heaven books. It is distinctly different in size, scope, and layout. John MacMurray’s stunning photographs give The Promise of Heaven the look and feel of a gift book.

Sci-fi Nerds and Heaven

Over the years I have been asked many profound questions about Heaven. This is not one of them.

Oak Hills Church and Texas Trip

Nanci and I had a wonderful time last weekend with the people of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio. What a wonderful church family, with great Christ-centered worship.

Hope in Discouraging Times

Several people have already asked about my response to the passage of the Health Care Reform Bill and its inclusion of abortion. Yes, I am deeply concerned about its effect on unborn children. However, even though this bill has passed, the righteous cause of the unborn is not over. 

Jesus' Eternal Scars

A recent commenter on my blog asked, After reading of Jesus' resurrection, and how He showed the disciples His scars on His hands as proof of who He was, my children asked if we'll have our scars in Heaven, too. What do you think?

The Spiritual Body: A Real Body

Someone recently showed me an article from a reputable Christian magazine that stated we will not have physical bodies in the future heaven, based on an (incorrect) understanding of the reference in 1 Corinthians 15 to a “spiritual body".