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It’s Not Only Athletes: What Platform Has God Given You?

By Randy Alcorn | February 3, 2017
Many vocations are more important than baseball or football or any other sport, which for most athletes last only a short portion of their adult lives. But regardless of what vocation or position or role in a family God gives us, when God gives His people a platform to stand on, and a voice that can be heard, He expects them to represent Him faithfully.

C. S. Lewis’s View of Women, and How He’s Impacted My Thinking

By Randy Alcorn | January 30, 2017
I cringe whenever I see Lewis called a misogynist. Certainly, to the degree that most of us are, he was a creature of his day and culture—indeed, he called himself a dinosaur—but in many respects, in the deeply respectful tone he speaks about women, he seems more ahead of his time than behind it.

William Carey: The Father of Modern Missions was a Prolife Activist

By Randy Alcorn | October 26, 2016
When we think of the great commission and the modern missions movement, no other name is as prominent as that of William Carey (1761-1834). He provides us a model for one of the great issues of our time—understanding the proper relationship of morality, politics, life issues, and the great commission.

Robertson McQuilkin, an Example of Faithful Love, Now with Jesus

By Randy Alcorn | June 10, 2016
Thursday, June 2, Robertson McQuilkin went to be with Jesus at 88 years old. I wrote about Robertson in my book If God Is Good, sharing how at the peak of his career, he resigned as president of Columbia Bible College in 1990 to become the full-time caregiver for his wife, Muriel, who had Alzheimer’s. 

A Tribute to My Friend, John Kohlenberger

By Randy Alcorn | October 7, 2015
On September 29, 2015 John R Kohlenberger III went home to be with Jesus, after a thirteen-year battle with cancer. John, a gifted scholar, wrote many biblical language reference works.