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Randy Alcorn's Blog: Christians, Past and Present (By and About)

Alex and Brett Harris: Continuing to Do Hard Things

Alex and Brett HarrisNearly seven years ago, I shared on my blog about the release of an excellent book called Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations, by Alex and Brett Harris. So where has the Lord taken the Harris twins since Do Hard Things was published? This article from The Gospel Coalition shares how Brett and Alex have remained faithful while doing hard things in very different ways—each true to their particular calling and life circumstances. 

Charles Simeon's Example of Starting by Finding Common Ground

Wesley and SimeonCharles Simeon (1758–1836) reinvigorated the English church with his emphasis on the primacy of Scripture and the necessity of practical application.

Simeon was a Calvinist but disliked the label. In a sermon on Romans 9:16, he said,

Many there are who cannot see these truths [the doctrines of God’s sovereignty], who yet are in a state truly pleasing to God; yea many, at whose feet the best of us may be glad to be found in heaven. It is a great evil, when these doctrines are made a ground of separation one from another, and when the advocates of different systems anathematize each other.… Mutual kindness and concession are far better than vehement argumentation and uncharitable discussion.

From Brokenness and Hate to Redemption and Forgiveness: Louis Zamperini’s Whole Story

Unbroken bookOne of the most compelling stories told in the past decades, in the book and movie Unbroken, is that of Louis Zamperini, Olympic athlete and airman who survived for 47 days on the open ocean, and 26 months, much of it enduring torture, in Japanese POW camps. I listened to the audio book Unbroken, the story of Louie Zamperini, written Laura Hildebrand. It was a powerful and remarkable book, as all who’ve read it know.

The Life-Changing Power of God’s Word in the Life of a Suicidal 10 Year Old

Dr. Ron ArcherThis is a raw and powerful testimony from Dr. Ron Archer. By age ten he was living in such pain he contemplated suicide. He has an amazing story. I encourage you to take eight minutes to hear his heart about God’s love for the downtrodden. 

Scott Hamilton on Success, Cancer, and Faith

Scott HamiltonMany of us see Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Hamilton for a week or so every four years, during the winter Olympics, when he’s covering ice skating. I found his ten minute story of success, loss, cancer and turning to God to be engaging and encouraging.

John Wesley’s Example of Giving

John Wesley on Money and Giving

To turn the tide of materialism in the Christian community, we desperately need bold models of kingdom-centered living. Consider the following story about John Wesley (1703-1791).

G.K. Chesterton on Marriage and Men and Women

G.K. Chesterton

My daughter Karina recently posted this from one of her favorites and mine, G.K. Chesterton (British journalist, writer, and Christian apologist, 1874-1936). He has a number of great books, nonfiction and fiction. 

John Newton on the Necessity of God’s Word and His Spirit

John Newton, Amazing GraceI am a great admirer of John Newton, and there are few people who I think have better understood God’s grace. How appropriate that the writer of the hymn “Amazing Grace”, the single most popular hymn in human history, said near the end of his life: “My memory is almost gone. But I remember two things: I am a great sinner, and Jesus is a great Savior.”

Thanksgiving: The Noblest and Most Joy-Giving Sacrifice

Give ThanksI appreciated these thoughts on gratitude from William Law (English cleric and theological writer, 1686 –1761), excerpted from his book A Serious Call To a Devout and Holy Life. May you have a happy, Christ-centered, full-of-gratitude Thanksgiving!

The Christ-exalting 2013 Desiring God National Conference

C. S. Lewis quote - Desiring God National ConferenceThe Desiring God National Conference in Minneapolis this past weekend was magnificent precisely because it celebrated His glory. The Christ-centered worship was heart-moving. One of the highlights was being with Nanci, who has often said this is her favorite of all conferences.

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