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Tim Challies on Why Christian Kids Abandon Their Faith

By Tim Challies | February 6, 2017
I’ve shared before my concerns over the number of college students who are abandoning their faith in Christ. This article from Tim Challies, one of my favorite bloggers, explains some of the reasons why that happens, and what Christian parents can do to address those reasons.

Kids—and Adults—Need to Get Outside

By Randy Alcorn | May 9, 2016
Several years ago, a friend and I were driving through a neighborhood on a beautiful summer day and he said, “We haven’t seen a single kid outdoors. They’re all inside, watching movies, playing video games and looking at computer screens.”

Having a Jesus Heart for Children

By Kelly Needham | March 30, 2016
I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly Needham and her husband, Christian singer/songwriter Jimmy Needham. I appreciate what Kelly has to share in this article, as she thoughtfully challenges us to be like our Savior in our attitudes toward children.

A Call to Fathers to Pass a Biblical Worldview onto Their Children

By Randy Alcorn | February 8, 2016
Who is God? Who is mankind? What is God like? Does God have a plan? Do even bad events serve God’s purposes? In light of the great number of young people who reject their faith, we must encourage our children to think through these questions.

The One Thing My Daughter Remembered Most About My Parenting

By Randy Alcorn | November 6, 2015
Some years ago, I sat with my daughters at a wonderful father/daughter banquet at our church. Someone at the table asked my youngest daughter, Angela, what I’d done that made the biggest impression on her. I had no idea what she would say, but of course I hoped for something spectacular. :)

Advice for Dads Who Didn’t Grow Up with Role Models

By Randy Alcorn | June 19, 2015
I grew up in a non-Christian home, having a father who, most of the time, wasn't there. Yes, there is a hole that was created by his absence. Yes, that affected my attitude about the importance of fatherhood, but in a different way than you might expect. 

Faithful Until the End

By Randy Alcorn | April 24, 2015
The world should be able to look at a husband’s love for his wife and see what the gospel means, and be drawn to the beauty and power of God’s love for His people. That’s why I love this moving story that Garrett Kell shares about a faithful, gospel-centered marriage.