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The One Thing My Daughter Remembered Most about My Parenting

By Randy Alcorn | November 6, 2015
Some years ago, I sat with my daughters at a wonderful father/daughter banquet at our church. Someone at the table asked my youngest daughter, Angela, what I’d done that made the biggest impression on her. I had no idea what she would say, but of course I hoped for something spectacular. :)

Advice for Dads Who Didn’t Grow Up with Role Models

By Randy Alcorn | June 19, 2015
I grew up in a non-Christian home, having a father who, most of the time, wasn't there. Yes, there is a hole that was created by his absence. Yes, that affected my attitude about the importance of fatherhood, but in a different way than you might expect. 

Faithful Until the End

By Randy Alcorn | April 24, 2015
The world should be able to look at a husband’s love for his wife and see what the gospel means, and be drawn to the beauty and power of God’s love for His people. That’s why I love this moving story that Garrett Kell shares about a faithful, gospel-centered marriage.