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Randy Alcorn's Blog: Marriage and Family

Don’t Raise Good Kids: Thoughts from Jon Bloom

Don't Raise Good Kids / Mother and Daughter walkingMy friend Jon Bloom, author of Not By Sight: A Fresh Look at Old Stories of Walking by Faith, wrote a great blog for Christian parents and for all those raised in Christian homes. I remember when our daughters were small, the importance of trying to convey even to really good kids that they are sinners, lost without Christ. It’s a delicate balance.

What encouragement do you have for fathers?

Father and ChildrenIt’s a huge job, and fathers need encouragement. One of the things I think about is what Scripture says in 1 Thessalonians 2:12. Paul says when he was with the Thessalonians, he was encouraging them, comforting them, and urging them to live a life worthy of the Lord. 

What is a father’s primary responsibility?

A Father's Primary Responsibility / Albert Schweitzer said, “There are only three ways to teach a child. The first is by example, the second is by example, the third is by example.”I think a father’s primary responsibility is to show his children what God is like. When your children hear the word “Father” in relationship to God, they will draw conclusions, truly or falsely, about what He is like based on what they think of you.

Will God take care of our children?

Will God always protect our children? // Mother and BabyI think when you look at what’s happening at schools and life in general, and with children being abducted, these are things that every parent is going to ask. I really wish I could give an answer that says, “Yes. God will always take care of your children and protect them from all harm.” But that’s not reality. That’s not the world we live in. We live in a world that is under the curse.

Advice for Parents of Teenagers

Advice to Parents of TeenagersShow respect to them and listen to them, and you’ll have a grounds for mentoring your teenagers. This is a huge responsibility of parenthood—mentoring your children and pouring yourselves into them. Part of that is to ask them questions and encourage them to ask you questions (and not be shocked at some of the questions they ask!). 

Can parents go overboard when protecting their children?

Can parents go overboard protecting their children? / father walking with daughterI think the answer is yes. But I’m all for reasonable protection. Sometimes Nanci and I joke when we put our grandchildren in their car seats with all the straps. We laugh that we’re putting them in the space shuttle and locking them in. Then we think about when we were kids—if there was a quick turn, we just rolled! That’s how it was. The good old days weren’t that good, because we weren’t that safe. I used to ride in the back of pickup trucks with my friends all the time. You never think of doing that today.

Advice for Engaged Couples Preparing for Marriage

Wedding ringsMarriage is going to bring a lot of surprises. But don’t make it bring more surprises than it needs to. Talk it out. Think it through. Pray about it. Get wise counsel from people in advance.

The 21-Day Dad’s Challenge

21 Day Dad's Challenge

Focus on the Family has a new book out titled The 21 Day Dad’s Challenge: Three Weeks to a Better Relationship with your Kids. After watching Courageous, men all over the U.S. will emerge from movie theaters wanting to be better dads, and this is an excellent next step.

More on Robertson versus Robertson and Why We Should Speak Up

Robert and Muriel McQuilkin

In last Friday's post, I contrasted Robertson McQuilkin’s dedication to care for his wife Muriel, stricken with Alzheimer’s, to Pat Robertson’s cruel answer to a question regarding a man having an affair that if he’s going to do anything, he should divorce his wife who has Alzheimer’s.

Pat Robertson versus Robertson McQuilkin on Alzheimer’s and Marriage

Pat Robinson

Pat Robertson has said something so stunning, so at odds with the Word of God and the heart of our Savior, that when I heard he had said it I thought he had been misunderstood or misrepresented.

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