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Randy Alcorn's Blog: Missions

Worldwide Theological Famine, and How You Can Make a Difference

Worldwide Theological Famine, and How You Can Make a Difference

Earlier this year, I learned about The Gospel Coalition’s International Outreach “Theological Famine Relief for the Global Church.” I’m really excited about this outreach and can’t think of a more strategic venture in financing what will matter forever.

Hail of Bullets...And a Miracle of God

Tail lightsThe JESUS Film is arguably the single greatest evangelistic tool in history apart from the Word of God itself. I’ve visited their work in four countries and love what they do. I loved this recent story they shared from a dedicated evangelist leading a team in a dangerous nation.

Teaching in Jail

Hand writingToday’s guest blog is from writer Jill Kandel. Jill has been teaching journal writing to female inmates at a local jail for almost two years. Since prison outreach is close to our hearts, with EPM sending hundreds of my books a month to prisoners, and corresponding with them, I asked Jill to share about her ministry there.

You Can Be Part of Changing Lives by Giving a Simple Shoebox Gift

Operation Christmas ChildOur family loves Operation Christmas Child (OCC). We’ve been packing shoeboxes for years. It was importan­t for my husband and me to teach our children the value of giving and helping others.


Dispatches from the Front

Dispatches from the FrontI recently viewed two episodes of “Dispatches from the Front,” a DVD series produced by Frontline Missions and thought they were excellent. These documentaries show our brothers and sisters in Christ at work in remote and dangerous places of the world.

The Least of These: Refugees

Refugee ChildFor those of us in the Western world, the idea of being a refugee—of being forced to flee your home under threat of persecution, conflict, and violence—is unthinkable. But for millions of people around the world, this is reality.


The Seed Company: Reaching 1,000 Languages with God’s Word

The Seed CompanyThe Seed Company is one of the best Bible translation organizations, and the one most heavily supported by EPM. This year, they’re celebrating the beginning of their 1,000th language translation. Cumulatively these translations have helped to bring God’s Word to more than a billion people! 

The Situation in South Sudan, and Ways to Give and Pray

South Sudan / Photo from Samaritan's PurseIf you follow world news, perhaps you’re aware of the deplorable conditions in South Sudan over the past couple of months, when conflict between the president and the former deputy president unraveled into a senseless blood bath of ethnic violence. The conditions in South Sudan go from worse to better and back again, and even at their best are heart-breaking.

The Story of Jesus Through the Eyes of Children

The Story of Jesus for ChildrenGod has a special love for children and desires for children of all cultures and nationalities to come into a relationship with Him through Christ. What a privilege to share this Good News with them! That’s why I’m excited about “The Story of Jesus Through the Eyes of Children” DVD from my friends at the JESUS Film Project.

An Invitation to Join the Giving Tuesday Movement

Giving TuesdayBlack Friday. Small Business Saturday. Cyber Monday. What’s next?  Fire-sale Sunday? It seems like every year there’s a new “specially designated” day to promote Christmas spending.

I want to say something about the growing “Giving Tuesday” movement (yes, yet another new day, but this one with a higher purpose). It’s the philanthropic community’s response to the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and is designed to provide people with a charitable day to consider giving as they go into the holiday season.

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