Randy Alcorn's Blog: Persecuted Church

Looking Ahead to the Likelihood of Increased Persecution in America

By Randy Alcorn | July 25, 2016
God will use persecution, as He always has, to thereby strengthen His church and extend the Gospel message, not destroy it. Persecution in America will probably never be as extreme as it has been in countless places throughout church history and as it is around the world today.

Afraid? Of What?

By Randy Alcorn | December 26, 2014
In my novel Safely Home, while facing martyrdom, Li Quan quotes a poem called “Afraid.” A reader recently asked about the origin of that poem.

Of an Unnamed Nigerian Woman

By Tami Yeager | August 15, 2014
Displayed on the Martyrs Monument (at The Voice of The Martyrs USA ministry office in Bartlesville, Oklahoma) are the names of many martyrs—each one representing a real person with a real story.