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Some Thoughts on the Killing of Abortionist George Tiller

Across the nation, everyone's talking about the killing of George Tiller, the infamous abortionist who ran the late-term abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas. On Sunday May 31, 2009, Tiller was shot to death while serving as an usher at the Sunday morning service at his church. 

Dr. Oz on Oprah: "The stem cell debate is dead"

My friend Denny Hartford, director of Vital Signs Ministries, brought this video to my attention on his blog. Denny writes, "Wouldn't it be nice if we could get a clear, concise and persuasive presentation of adult stem cells as being the only valid hope for Parkinson's, diabetes, and other diseases on a popular national TV program like Oprah?" Well, it happened.

Lincoln's logic on slavery extends to all human rights

Happy birthday to my favorite president, Abraham Lincoln. While he still held to some racist stereotypes, he managed to rise above the worldview of his era and affirm the wrongness of slavery and the rights of all people.

Another "Outside the Box" Prolifer

A friend recently sent me a link to a strong prolife blog post written by someone I would call an "outside the box" prolifer, in Hollywood.

President Obama and Abortion

NBC rejected a Catholic prolife commercial from being shown during the Super Bowl. Here it is. Definitely worth watching!