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My Novel “Edge of Eternity”: Some Have Enjoyed It, Others…Haven’t

My Novel “Edge of Eternity”: Some Have Enjoyed It, Others…Haven’t

Edge of Eternity was my third novel. Over the years I’ve noticed that the response to the book has generally landed in two extremes—some readers love it and others…not so much.

My latest book: “hand in Hand: The Beauty of God’s Sovereignty and Meaningful Human Choice”

hand in Hand by Randy AlcornMy new book hand in Hand was just released yesterday. Why a book on this topic? Of all the questions we confront in life, none is larger and more perplexing than the question of God’s sovereignty and human choice. 


A 12-Year-Old Reviews My Graphic Novel, Eternity

Katy WilliamsCheck out the following review of my graphic novel Eternity by 12-year-old Katie Williams, who I’m told writes her own blog, including book reviews, by herself, without assistance from adults. (In fact, since nearly everything I write gets edited, I get more assistance from adults than she does!)

The Treasure Principle and God’s Delightfully Surprising Ways

The Treasure PrincipleThe Treasure Principle is a book that has shocked me (surprise isn’t strong enough) in the response it has generated. God is kind and gracious. Sometimes what we do is way overblown in our thinking—and other times we do what seems a small thing (e.g. writing that book) and God takes it way beyond anything we could have imagined. 


Randy’s novel Edge of Eternity

Edge of Eternity, by Randy AlcornEdge of Eternity is one of Randy’s novels that’s quite different from some of his other fiction works; it takes place in an imaginary world that allowed him to depict invisible spiritual realities in visible ways. Writing about the book, Randy says, “I believe we all have moments, if we stop and pay attention, where we can sense being on the edge of eternity."

Randy’s Novel Dominion, Background Research, and a Story

Dominion by Randy AlcornRandy’s second novel, Dominion, came as a semi-sequel to his very first, Deadline. The book allowed Randy to tackle the issues of racism and reconciliation as seen through the eyes of the African-American main character, Clarence Abernathy.

At 603 pages, it’s also one of his longer books and required an incredible amount of background research. 

The Heaven Book, Reader Responses, and Longing for Our Eternal Home

Heaven by Randy AlcornOver the years, we’ve received thousands of letters from readers telling us how Randy’s Heaven book has affected their lives. Not only are these stories encouraging to Randy, but they’re also an encouragement to our staff as we continue to share Randy’s writings and teachings about the eternity that awaits us because of what Christ has done on our behalf.

Can a graphic novel be Christ-honoring and gospel-centered?

Graphic novelsI’ve found there’s a common stereotype among believers that a graphic novel is inherently immoral, theologically unsound, and undermines rather than uplifts God’s Word, Christ, and the gospel. It’s true that secular graphic novels frequently have themes and content that dishonor God. But there are exceptions to this. 

Sharing the Message of Eternity

Sharing Randy's Eternity graphic novelAs I shared in a blog last week, I have a missional perspective on my graphic novel EternityGod has laid on my heart a vision for seeding the book far and wide because it includes a clear gospel presentation.

I would appreciate your prayers as this book is distributed. Our ministry is giving away thousands of copies from the first printing to prisoners, Christian camps, youth ministries, and various missions organizations, including Operation Mobilization’s Logos Hope ship which will bring it into ports in many countries.

My Eternity Graphic Novel and the Unreached People Group in Our Midst

Eternity graphic novelI really have a missional perspective on this book. In a way, though it’s in English, because of its visual nature it’s like a translation into another language, a language that some people speak and some don’t. I’ve been realizing more and more that there are not only young people but many adults, especially men—and increasing numbers of YOUNG men—who just aren’t good readers. Many young people are becoming like an unreached people group that needs to hear the gospel in a form that is familiar and compelling enough to reach them.

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