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Randy Alcorn's Blog: Recommended Reading and Resources

Help My Unbelief, a new book by Barnabas Piper

Help My Unbelief, a new book by Barnabas Piper

Barnabas Piper's Help My Unbelief, an honest, self-revealing and engaging treatment of an important subject, was just released today, July 1. This winsome and well-reasoned book avoids clichés and easy, superficial answers.

The Power of One-on-One and Thoughts on “Natural-Born Evangelists”

The Power of One-on-OneEveryone we meet has exactly the same need—to know and follow Jesus Christ. He did the hard work of redemption. He calls us to do our part, one-on-one, sharing the Good News with those who desperately need him and helping them grow.

Racial Diversity and Reconciliation in the Church: United, a book by Trillia Newbell

Racial Diversity and Reconciliation in the Church: United, a book by Trillia Newbell

God is the creator of diversity. Separation is separation, and it hurts us and our Father who wants His children to know each other and love each other and enjoy each other’s company. Sadly, I’ve heard it said that eleven o’clock on Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America.


A Terrific New Bible Study Series for Churches and Groups

Knowing the Bible

One of my favorite bloggers is Justin Taylor, a brother who I know and deeply appreciate. Justin is constantly introducing me to great people, material and developments. Recently, he talked about a new Bible study series from Crossway Publishers.

Discovering The Hole in Our Holiness

The Hole in Our HolinessHoliness was once a central component of following Christ. But for many today, the Christian life is little more than a celebration of cheap grace and pseudo-liberty, with a high tolerance for sin. In this well-written and much-needed book, Kevin DeYoung thoughtfully points us to an unpopular yet strangely liberating truth—that God is holy and expects us to be holy.

Choosing Gratitude: A Must Read

Choosing GratitudeYears ago, I determined that I wanted to write a book on the importance of gratitude in the Christian life. But not long ago I read Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s book Choosing Gratitude and realized I no longer needed to!

The Call to Follow Christ: Os Guinness, Part 2

The CallI’m posting a series of blogs from an excellent interview with Os Guinness titled “Rediscovering ‘Calling’ Will Revitalize Church and Society.” (Check out part 1 if you missed it.) In this excerpt, Os talks about his book The Call, which I highly recommend.

Some Thoughts on the Importance of Christian Biographies, and Recommended Reading

collageA few months ago, someone asked me on my Facebook page what Christian biographies I would recommend. Reading and discussing biographies of faithful believers can give both children and adults footprints to follow, especially through our suffering.

The 21-Day Dad’s Challenge

21 Day Dad's Challenge

Focus on the Family has a new book out titled The 21 Day Dad’s Challenge: Three Weeks to a Better Relationship with your Kids. After watching Courageous, men all over the U.S. will emerge from movie theaters wanting to be better dads, and this is an excellent next step.

Courageous: Watch the Trailer

Courageous movieThis is a new trailer for the movie Courageous, which I’ve been writing the novel Courageous to correspond to. There are some great action scenes and humorous moments, as well as heart-touching themes related to courageous fatherhood.

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