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Randy Alcorn's Blog: Sexual Purity

23 Guidelines to Protect Your Purity in Dating

23 Guidelines to Protect Your Purity in Dating

The following guidelines can help you maintain a walk with God and guard your purity.

Why should gay marriage matter to Christians who love all people?

Why should gay marriage matter to Christians who love all people?

I highly recommend Kevin DeYoung's book What Does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality? He has an appendix on gay marriage that's terrific. Kevin posted it recently in his always excellent blog and I want to draw attention to it because both the book and this small appendix are really worth reading and discussing in our churches.

Overcoming Pornography: Cultivating Our Inner Lives

Quiet timeThe battles that are waged every day in our minds and on our computer screens take their spiritual toll.  By cultivating our inner lives, we are more likely to experience daily victories.  


Overcoming Pornography: Changing Our Behavior

ArrowsThe existence of a desire does not justify or necessitate succumbing to that desire. We live in a hedonistic society that tells us desires are meant to be fulfilled. But every desire need not be fulfilled, and indeed, in many cases, should not be.

Overcoming Pornography: Choosing Obedience

walkingCountless believers are in bondage to this sinful behavior and many feel hopeless about being able to overcome it. We’re in a battle—big time—and we need a strategy to have victory in this area of sexual temptation. This is a spiritual battle (Eph. 6:12), but as children of God, we are equipped to win it (1 Cor. 10:13).

Fifty Shades of Grey: A Dangerous Distortion of God’s Design

Barbed wireThere are innumerable pressures put upon us by society, especially through the media, to abandon God’s blueprint for sexual purity. The new movie Fifty Shades of Grey, based on the bestselling book by the same title, is the world’s latest attempt to make appealing and “normal” what God says is sin.

Response to a Blind Reader Struggling with Pornography

PhoneIf you or someone you care about is struggling with pornography, I encourage you to read through this excellent letter from an EPM volunteer whom I love and respect. 

Purity and Homosexuality

Julia StagerTwo weeks ago our EPM staff member Julia Stager posted her first video on my blog: “Superheroes, Heresies and the God-man.” Julia’s featured video today is on the critical topic of purity and homosexuality.

Avoiding Sexually Explicit Media and Pursuing Holiness

Watching TVI am deeply concerned about the number of God's people who are opening their lives up to popular television programs, movies and books that are sexually explicit. The thing many modern Christians seem most afraid of is that we won’t be in the cultural “know,” that we will be “out of it” and consequently uncool. 

Cultivating Your Marriage and Guarding It from Impurity

Couple in beach chairs / Cultivating Your Marriage and Guarding It from ImpurityWe live in a fallen world. Even Christian marriages can become filled with resentment, boredom, or hurt. This makes us more vulnerable to the intrigue and excitement of a new person. The answer, however, is not a new person, but a fresh appreciation of the “old” person. 


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