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An Alarming Trend: The Illiteracy of Boys

boy readingMy friends Brett and Alex Harris, on their wonderful website www.therebelution.com, cited a Wall Street Journal article about the importance of reading, and the great decline in reading among boys. I have often cited this as one of the most alarming trends of our day.

Announcing the Winners of the 90 Days of God's Goodness Giveaway

Here are the three randomly drawn winners from the 90 Days of God's Goodness giveaway on Randy’s blog.

Living Life or Documenting Insignificance?

ComicI saw this comic and it reminded me of the pride and presumption of imagining that swallowing toothpaste while brushing your teeth or being stuck in traffic is of compelling enough importance to others to interrupt their lives by telling them RIGHT NOW!

“Openness” and “In Prayer” from Valley of Vision

ValleyNanci and I often read The Valley of Vision, or listen to it (Max Maclean does an excellent audio version).  These are brief and profound Puritan prayers. We find them powerful and penetrating, prompting us to pray in ways that this culture, and even most of our church cultures, don’t prompt us toward. Here are two out of the many I’ve appreciated.

Christmas Giveaway: Heaven Gift Books and “Knowing Aslan” Booklets

GiftHere at EPM we’ve been featuring a “Countdown to Christmas”—three weeks of sales on several of Randy’s books. This week we’re offering Randy’s hardcover Heaven gift books, 50 Days of Heaven and The Promise of Heaven, at 60% off the retail prices.

In honor of our sale, we’re doing a two-day giveaway this week, and the three randomly chosen winners may choose either 50 Days of Heaven or The Promise of Heaven. We’ll also give each winner three “Knowing Aslan” booklets.

A Christ-centered Marriage Is Christ-centered Parenting

Gospel-Powered ParentingWhile researching a novel I’m writing based on the upcoming movie Courageous (from Sherwood Pictures), I recently read what I would call a GREAT book on parenting: Gospel-Powered Parenting: How the Gospel Shapes and Transforms Parenting, William P. Farley (Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing, 2009).

Grandson Ty Scores a Goal, and CBD Warehouse Sale This Weekend

Grandsons on soccer teamSaturday was our grandsons’ last soccer game this season. The great thing about this clip I filmed is that all three of our grandsons on the team were in it at the same time, AND our fourth grandson, Jack, walked out on the field at the beginning so he made a quick cameo appearance!

The Bio Optical Organized Knowledge Device

bookI loved this video Tim Challies put me onto. It introduces a revolutionary product: the Bio Optical Organized Knowledge Device. Watch the video to find out about its amazing advantages!

How did Eternal Perspective Ministries begin? part 2

Money Possessions and EternityIn the last blog post, I shared the story of the civil lawsuit that caused me to resign as a pastor and begin Eternal Perspective Ministries.

I had written about God's ownership in my book Money, Possessions and Eternity, which came out in 1989, only months before I became involved in civil disobedience. Little did I know while writing that I would literally own nothing—including that book itself—within a year of when it came out.

C.S. Lewis's Influence on My Life and Writing, part 2

In my last blog, I wrote about one of my three pilgrimages to Oxford. (I also shared that I'll be attending and speaking at the C.S. Lewis Foundation's 2010 Southwest Regional Retreat & Writer's Workshop, October 28-31. See the PDF download for more information.) Each visit I’ve pondered what Lewis wrote: “You must picture me alone in that room in Magdalen…I gave in and admitted that God was God, and knelt and prayed: perhaps that night, the most dejected and reluctant convert in all of England.”

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