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God as Master Artist

By Randy Alcorn | May 19, 2014
In a sermon titled “God Rejoicing in the New Creation,” Charles Spurgeon said this: "If a man thinks that what God has made is not very good, he cannot be very good himself. In this he contradicts his God. It is a beautiful world we live in."

The Eyes of Faith

By Randy Alcorn | June 13, 2012
When we view life through the eyes of faith, we can say, “Things appear one way, but my God is sovereign, loving, merciful, and kind. Through his grace and empowerment, I will cling to him."

Spurgeon "Man Fashions for Himself a God After His Own Liking"

By Randy Alcorn | January 27, 2012
Charles Spurgeon has a remarkable way of getting to the heart of things. The more modern evangelical books I read, the more I feel the need to go back to Spurgeon and see him cut through the fog and get to the true business of following Jesus.

Let Us Be As Daniel

By Randy Alcorn | December 12, 2011
I appreciated this passage from a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon entitled "Daniel Facing the Lions' Den."

Charles Spurgeon Meets Shai Linne

By Randy Alcorn | November 2, 2011
Rapper Shai Linne has produced a masterful musical biography of Spurgeon. I love it, and I love that people from different countries and different times and with different styles of communicating can be one in Christ and elevate the Word of God.

Spurgeon on God’s Power in Our Lives

By Randy Alcorn | September 26, 2011
I’ve said before that one of my delights is exploring the vast reservoir of sermons by Charles Haddon Spurgeon. I came across one called “The Mighty Arm.” 

We Shall See God on audio

By Randy Alcorn | July 1, 2011
I have seldom so much enjoyed putting a book together as I did We Shall See God