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What about Family Planning?

By Randy Alcorn | August 31, 2010
In this blog I've included part of a conversation between two Christians who have different viewpoints on the issue of birth control, as well as a link to the complete article

Why does God take some people to heaven so young?

By Randy Alcorn | August 12, 2009
When I first answered this question a few years ago, a friend was holding her eighteen-month-old son in her arms, waiting for him to breathe his last. She was praying over him, reading Psalms aloud, trying to comfort and prepare him—and herself—for what was to come.

Will God take care of our children?

By Randy Alcorn | August 28, 2013
I think when you look at what’s happening at schools and life in general, and with children being abducted, these are things that every parent is going to ask.