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Randy Alcorn's Blog: children

What about Family Planning?

baby feetThe video in this blog, "How Should Christian Couples Approach Family Planning?" is part 5 of my interview with Mark Driscoll. (Watch all the interview videos.) You might like to check out my book I referenced in the video, Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?, which is also available for free as a PDF in its entirety.

In this blog I've included part of a conversation between two Christians who have different viewpoints on the issue of birth control, as well as a link to the complete article

What is a father’s primary responsibility?

A Father's Primary Responsibility / Albert Schweitzer said, “There are only three ways to teach a child. The first is by example, the second is by example, the third is by example.”I think a father’s primary responsibility is to show his children what God is like. When your children hear the word “Father” in relationship to God, they will draw conclusions, truly or falsely, about what He is like based on what they think of you.

Why does God take some people to heaven so young?

girlWhy does God take some people to Heaven prematurely—before it seems He should—and others so late when they are old and in such pain?

Isaiah 55 says God's thoughts are higher than ours. He has purposes we can't comprehend.


Why Doesn’t God Do More to Restrain Evil and Suffering? Part 1

CityNanci said to me, “Given what Scripture tells us about the evil of the human heart, you’d think that there would be thousands of Jack the Rippers in every city.” Her statement stopped me in my tracks. Might God be limiting sin all around us, all the time? Second Thessalonians 2:7 declares that God is in fact restraining lawlessness in this world. For this we should thank him daily.


Why Talking about Mortality with Your Loved Ones Isn’t Morbid, but a Gift

Father and sonIf Christian parents remind their Christian children that the worst that can happen in death is temporary separation, it’s reassuring. Their relationship cannot be terminated, only interrupted. What will eventually follow—whether in hours, days, years, or decades—is a great reunion, wonderful beyond imagination.

Will God take care of our children?

Will God always protect our children? // Mother and BabyI think when you look at what’s happening at schools and life in general, and with children being abducted, these are things that every parent is going to ask. I really wish I could give an answer that says, “Yes. God will always take care of your children and protect them from all harm.” But that’s not reality. That’s not the world we live in. We live in a world that is under the curse.

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