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If We Expect We Won’t Be Persecuted for Our Faith, We Need to Readjust Our Expectations

Church, skyAs Americans we’ve been slow to accept the extent to which Bible-believing Christ-followers have become socially unacceptable. Though we should work to hold onto our religious liberties, it’s likely they’ll continue to erode. But cheer up! Opposition is nothing new for God’s people, and historically the church’s greatest advances have come at the lowest ebb of its popularity.

The Trend in the Church Towards Silence

ShhhEphesians 4:15 tells us we need to “speak the truth in love.” As Christ-followers, we are not to choose between being loving and being truthful. We are to be both. And notice too that we are to speak.

Singleness and the Church: A Valuable Perspective for Everyone

Tree through WindowJulia Stager’s video blog today is on the topic of singleness and the church. I encourage everyone, single or married, to listen to her insights and wise advice. I found this very helpful for me personally.

The Problem of Plagiarizing by Pastors and Christian Leaders

Hands typingWhile most pastors I know are men of honesty and integrity, it’s a sad truth that the problem of pastors plagiarizing is more wide spread than many realize, especially with the vast amounts of material available on the internet.

Abortion Too Controversial to Address in Church? (Plus Information on the Oregon 2014 Citizen Initiative with an Urgent Deadline of June 30)

Unborn child at 16 weeksThe desire to be popular and avoid people’s disapproval is a common reason for Christian leaders to hold back in pro-life efforts. But for every reason we have, we must be ready to answer a question on the last day: “Was that reason more important than the lives of all those children I created in my image?”

Racial Diversity and Reconciliation in the Church: United, a book by Trillia Newbell

Racial Diversity and Reconciliation in the Church: United, a book by Trillia Newbell

God is the creator of diversity. Separation is separation, and it hurts us and our Father who wants His children to know each other and love each other and enjoy each other’s company. Sadly, I’ve heard it said that eleven o’clock on Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America.


Is it important how I dress for church?

Jeans and Converse / Is it important how I dress for church?I think showing respect to the Lord involves different things for different people in different places. Dress is cultural. Some in jeans and t-shirts are wholly focused on the Lord, lost in worship and adoration. Some in suits and ties can sit there in anger, lust, and indifference to the Lord (just like some of those in jeans are no doubt doing, but I doubt they are doing them more).

It’s about Jesus and His Plan: Why I Believe We Shouldn’t Give up on the Local Church

Cross on churchI would encourage you to remind yourself of what I’ve had to say to myself when I’ve been disillusioned with church: “It’s not about me.” It’s about Jesus and His plan, His church, and His Word that tells us we are to be part of a local “body of Christ.”

The Sad Reality of the Disregard for Truth, Even Among Church Leadership

True or False? / The Sad Reality of the Disregard for TruthMany years ago I flew across the country to not preach at a church that had invited me to speak at their morning service. After leaving my hotel, I rode with a prominent Christian leader to the church. I knew this man had been accused by the media of misrepresenting certain key details on his résumé, so I asked him about the charges.

How Can We Encourage Christ-followers to Read?

Reading in a bookstoreOver the years I’ve bought and read thousands of good books. I cannot divorce God's works of grace in my life from great books. I love a good movie, but I find that for me television is incapable of having the deep and profound positive effect on my spiritual life that books do. That's one reason I'm so concerned about the plunging literacy rates for young people, especially boys.

I’m including in today’s blog part of an article by George Thomsen, manager at the award-winning Harvest Bookstore.

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