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Disputable Matters in Romans 14: What They Are and What They Aren't

By Randy Alcorn | June 11, 2008
This weekend at my home church, Good Shepherd Community, three good friends and I brought a group message from Romans 14. As you can see, we were having a good time. And hopefully we helped open up the passage. Different people bring different insights to a passage, and this passage is about differentness.

Sermons on Evil and Suffering

By Randy Alcorn | December 15, 2010
My pastor Dan Franklin (who’s the husband of our daughter Karina) gave an outstanding message based on John 11.

Sermons by Our Sons-in-Law

By Randy Alcorn | August 18, 2014
I love to see young men preaching God’s truth in their local churches. One day recently Nanci and I viewed video messages by both our sons-in-law, Dan Franklin and Dan Stump.