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The Sovereignty of God: What Does It Mean?

The Sovereignty of God: What Does It Mean?

Early this year, our friend Rakel Thurman shared a great message on God’s sovereignty at our church’s Bible study for women. I encourage you to listen to this message from a woman who loves Jesus, has experienced deep suffering, and has learned what it means to rest in God’s sovereignty.

The Best Theological Label Is “Berean”

BiblesThe Berean Christians were commended for carefully examining, in light of the Scriptures, the teachings of the apostle Paul (see Acts 17:11). This is a man who eventually wrote thirteen inspired biblical books. How much more should we evaluate the teachings of everyone else we read or listen to!


Proof of Heaven and the Dangerous Downward Spiral of My-Visit-to-Heaven Books

"Proof of Heaven" by Dr. Eben AlexanderDr. Eben Alexander’s Proof of Heaven has now been on the New York Times Bestseller List for 41 weeks and is estimated to have sold over two million copies. With a lot of discussion going on about the book, and after being asked several times what I thought of it, it seemed time to blog about it.

My first thought is that it appears Christians have become increasingly gullible and accepting of these personal accounts of near death experiences.

A Terrific New Bible Study Series for Churches and Groups

Knowing the Bible

One of my favorite bloggers is Justin Taylor, a brother who I know and deeply appreciate. Justin is constantly introducing me to great people, material and developments. Recently, he talked about a new Bible study series from Crossway Publishers.

Election 2012 Part 3: Which Candidate Has More Christian Beliefs? (And Should I Vote for a Mormon?)

Election 2012So how do I choose between two candidates who in my opinion fall far short? I must consider not simply the candidates’ professed religious beliefs, but their past positions on moral issues, their promises and statements of intentions of what they will do in office.

Negativism and Doctrinal Drift among Some in World Missions

Out of the Comfort ZoneGeorge Verwer, a man I dearly love and respect, and one of the great global missions leaders in church history as well as a champion for the unborn, has rewritten and updated a chapter from his book Out of the Comfort Zone. Here’s a portion from that chapter. Listen to our brother George, who has earned like few others the right to be heard in world missions. 

Dialogue with Publisher About Mary Neal’s To Heaven and Back

Bible and penIn the previous blog I expressed concerns about some doctrines in the new bestselling book To Heaven and Back, by Mary Neal. This is my second and last article on this subject. It’s lengthy, but I think it’s important and I don’t want to drag it out with several shorter articles.

To Heaven and Back: Another Visit-to-Heaven Book

To Heaven and BackAfter its release two months ago, I guessed Mary Neal’s book To Heaven and Back would become an influential bestseller like its predecessors, so I read it. Sure enough, it has remained #1 in the “Paperback Advice & Miscellaneous” category of the New York Times Bestsellers List for nine weeks.

Bad Doctrine is a Cruel Taskmaster

Bad doctrineWhen I came across this statement somewhere, that bad doctrine is a cruel taskmaster, it stuck with me. I asked EPM staffer Julia Stager to provide some verses demonstrating it, and I added my summary statements to hers.

Should We Be Against Hell or in Favor of It?

Should We Be Against Hell or in Favor of It?

In many conversations over the last few years I’ve said to people, “If God had given me a vote on whether or not there is a hell, honestly I would have voted against it. But that is not a point of pride, it is a confession."

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