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Randy Alcorn's Blog: eternity

It’s No Accident You Live in This Time and Place

WalletWhen the following was posted last month on the Desiring God blog, written by Michael Oh, I was very touched by it. Read it, ponder it, pray over it. In case God speaks to your heart about giving, I’ve included a few ministries you may wish to invest in, an investment which will pay off for eternity.

September Giveaway: Heaven Leader’s Package

Heaven Leader's PackageHi, I’m Stephanie, the promotions director at EPM, and I’d like to let you know about this month’s giveaway on Randy’s blog. We’re giving away three sets of the Heaven Leader’s Package, which has everything you need to lead, or personally do, a study on Randy’s book Heaven.

A Man from Heaven: How would he spend his money?

Charles SpurgeonRecently I was working on a book project that involved my reading through messages Charles Spurgeon preached on Heaven. I was delighted to come across a passage in which he affirms some of the same teachings I lay out in my books The Treasure Principle and Money, Possessions and Eternity. While writing those books years ago, had I been aware that Spurgeon had said what follows, I certainly would have quoted from him!

Sono Sato Harris: Precious beyond Words

Sono HarrisLast night, on Independence Day, our dear friend Sono Harris went home to be with Jesus. She is a precious and faithful sister, one of a kind, and all the more precious now as her faith has become sight.

The fireworks crackling all around us last night, even as I talked on the phone with some of the Harris family, spoke of a great event. Sono's entrance to the presence of her Savior was a truly great event for her, though hard on those left behind. Please pray for husband Gregg and children Josh, Joel, Alex, Brett, Sarah, Isaac, and James.

Convergence DVDs, and the Incarnation of Christ

Randy Alcorn with Don MillerThose who follow me on Facebook might remember some pictures I posted at the end of last year, from a trip I took to Los Angeles to do some filming with Don Miller about my books Heaven and If God Is Good. That conversation has recently been released on a DVD called "Heaven: Understanding God's Plan and Our Hope," part of a DVD series called Convergence (www.allthingsconverge.com) that's designed specifically for small groups, but also great for individuals.


Hope in Discouraging Times

flowerSeveral people have already asked about my response to the passage of the Health Care Reform Bill and its inclusion of abortion. Yes, I am deeply concerned about its effect on unborn children. However, even though this bill has passed, the righteous cause of the unborn is not over. The indictment against people who shed innocent blood is not over. The command of God is not over: “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; defend the rights of the poor and needy” (Proverbs 31:8-9).


Bob Hawkins Sr.: A Real Follower of Jesus

Bob Hawkins, Sr.Bob Hawkins Sr., founder of Harvest House Publishers and a real follower of Jesus, went to Heaven last Tuesday, February 9. (My most recent book, The Promise of Heaven, was published by Harvest House.) I met Bob Sr. years ago and thought the world of him, as did nearly everyone, I think. I am sorrowing with Bob's family and rejoicing with them, too.


Albert Mohler on the Air Conditioning of Hell

After posting my blog on hell, someone pointed out Al Mohler's blog post, "Air Conditioning Hell: How Liberalism Happens," on the same subject. It's excellent. Following is portion of it. Click here to read the rest.

Al MohlerTheological liberals do not intend to destroy Christianity, but to save it. As a matter of fact, theological liberalism is motivated by what might be described as an apologetic motivation.

Dismiss Hell and You Dismiss Jesus

graveyardMy blog posts on the Haiti earthquake have generated some great comments, both on the blog and on my Facebook site. I've read them all and benefited, so thanks to many of you.

One comment, however, took things in a different direction, raising the subject of Hell. (This wasn’t the issue in the Haiti discussion, but I want to address it now as a new subject.) Someone wrote to the commenters who were discussing God’s judgment of people:

You seem to be missing the big point here—the complete absurdity that God hurts people for any reason ...

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