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Randy Alcorn's Blog: evolution

Albert Mohler on the Importance of the Creation-Evolution Debate

GenesisLast year I led a group of men in a study of Francis Schaeffer’s classic Genesis in Space and Time, and Lee Strobel’s excellent The Case for a Creator. It is vital that we be aware of the importance of the biblical doctrine of creation. Also see the excellent chapter on creation in Doctrine, by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears. Here are some significant thoughts from writer and thinker Al Mohler about the importance of this issue.

Atheism and Christianity: Two Views on the Value of Life

BibleThe atheists love to talk about how rotten Christianity makes people feel. If only Christianity weren't around, everything would be better.

Let me summarize the secular/atheist and Christian foundations for the value of life, then you tell me whether it's any wonder that many people today are feeling like they, their lives, and the lives of others have so little meaning or worth.


How much would we expect accidents to know about the accident of their beginnings?

C.S. LewisI was listening to God in the Dock on audio, and was struck by this portion of an interview with C. S. Lewis.

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