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American Evangelicals Believe There Are Different Ways to Heaven

road signLast month a UPI report began as follows:

America remains a nation of believers, but a new survey finds most Americans don't feel their religion is the only way to eternal life — even if their faith tradition teaches otherwise.

President Obama talks about his faith

President ObamaI read what I think is is a fair, honest and helpful interview with our new president elect, given several years ago but reprinted in full this week for the first time by Christianity Today.

The interview isn't guarded and full of political hedging like it was for nearly all the candidates in the last few years. It’s a personal and honest conversation, one on one, with a reporter in a Chicago café.


Prayer: Six More Quotations, One More Story

prayingSome of you liked the story and six quotations about prayer from my earlier blog. So here’s six more, followed by a story.

Is God calling you to missions in 2010?

missions mapI have the highest regard for the cause of world missions, and the greatest respect for Action International, one of many fine missions groups. While Doug Nichols is making this request, these ten qualities express what many other missions are looking for, too. Ask yourself if you or someone you know fits this profile, and ask God whether He wants you to step out in faith and follow Him to bring Christ to people in another part of the world. 

When did you put your faith in Christ?

Randy Alcorn videoI grew up without Christ and without the church. When I was in high school I attended a church for the wrong reason—to see a girl I'd met. But God can use even our wrong motives for his right purposes. (In fact, years later that girl became my wife!) At that church and in the youth group there, I heard the gospel for the first time.



A Prayer for Christopher Hitchens

Christopher HitchensI have read outspoken atheist Christopher Hitchens, listened to his debates, and attended a debate he was part of. I marveled that there are some Christians he seems to respect, while radically disagreeing with them. I have prayed for him now and then, but this note (from Faith & Freedom Network) and the link prompts me to pray for him in particular now.

Who Made God?

Who Made God?From time to time I like to review books on my blog. Who Made God?: Searching for a Theory of Everything is a book that offers ideas and insights most of us have never pondered. Author Edgar Andrews presents compelling arguments that challenge the prevailing mechanistic worldviews. His good humor helps him present weighty concepts and makes them easier to grasp.

Thoughts about Thinking for the Christian

man sittingMy friend Justin Taylor recently posted this on his excellent blog, one of my favorites. I also enjoy Tim Challies's blog, which Justin refers to. Here are some important thoughts about thinking and the Christian life.

Heart-stirring words from a daughter of North Korea and a daughter of God

Young womanI excerpted this from a larger post. Dr. Michael Oh is president of CBI Japan and serves on the board of the Lausanne Committee on World Evangelization. (By the way, I answered on video one more question submitted by readers, which will be posted on Friday. Since this story is timely, I wanted to be sure to share it with you today.)

On the second night of the Third Lausanne Congress taking place in Cape Town, South Africa, an 18 year-old girl from North Korea shared her story.

How can you have assurance of your own salvation?

assurance of salvationAnother question a reader asked me on my blog was this: Even though I gave my heart to the Lord a long time ago, I always struggle with thoughts that when I die, I will find I am not saved. That produces a lot of fear. I know the Bible says to believe, but how do you know what is really in your heart, since only God can see and know what is in our hearts?

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