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Charles Spurgeon on Security

By C. H. Spurgeon | December 17, 2009
This devotional is from Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening: Daily Readings. There’s hardly any man outside of Scripture itself who speaks to me like Spurgeon does. I highly recommend Morning and Evening as a daily dose of great theology.

Excellence or Faithfulness?

By Randy Alcorn | March 29, 2013
While we’re all for excellence, and all of us should strive for it in some areas, it is impossible for any of us to be excellent in everything.

Francis Schaeffer on Spiritual Adultery

By Randy Alcorn | September 23, 2011
Francis Schaeffer was one of three writers (the others being Lewis and Tozer) who influenced me most profoundly when I was a new believer in the early 1970’s.