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Randy Alcorn's Blog: fish

God's Creation under the Sea

FishWhen I think of the first glimpse of Heaven, I think of the first time I went snorkeling. It was absolutely breathtaking. There were thousands of fish of every shape and size and color, and just when you think you’ve seen the most beautiful creation, here comes another one.

God’s Artistry in Reef Fish

FishNanci and I returned recently from a wonderful vacation, where we stayed at our friends’ place in Maui.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, one of my favorite activities in the world is snorkeling. It’s a profoundly spiritual experience for me to enjoy the wonders and beauties of God’s underwater world.

Yellow Tangs, Part of God's Beautiful Creation

One of my favorite things to see when I've snorkeled is yellow Tangs hanging out with sea turtles. But I've never seen this many! Great photo someone sent me. 

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