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The Federal Healthcare Reform Bill and Its Impact on the Lives of Unborn Children and Their Moms

8-week unborn babyI don't often address political issues in my blog, but in light of the impact this bill could have on the prolife movement, I felt it was important to share. My friend Larry Gadbaugh, CEO of Pregnancy Resource Centers of Greater Portland, sent the following email to their constituents explaining the impact that the current federal healthcare reform bill could have on the lives of countless unborn children and their moms, and the pregnancy resource centers who serve them. Here's what he wrote:

This is the bottom line: Abortion must be explicitly excluded from the healthcare bill, or ...

Mike Huckabee, Iowa Caucus and boasting in God Alone

Iowa CaucusLast night we were with a group of folks here in Oregon, at Heidi's restaurant in Gresham, watching the election coverage. The gathering was hosted by nineteen year old brothers Alex and Brett Harris, who run therebelution.com website, which is in my opinion the best place your teenagers can go online.


Why is it so hard for the U.S. Government to pull a plug?

Pull the plugHere is a sad and bewildering commentary that captures in one example the utter inefficiency and sometimes craziness of a government that talks about controlling spending, but never seems to actually do it even when it would appear so easy—as in JUST PULL THE PLUG!

A Matter of Conscience

PenI’m writing today about a very serious development that threatens religious freedom in our country. I am not one to overreact to such things, but this particular case may have far-reaching implications.

How Significant is Our National Debt, and What Are Its Implications?

balance scaleI have pointed out before that one thing Republican and Democratic administrations have in common is their apparent unwillingness to do what it takes to balance our budget.

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