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Randy Alcorn's Blog: lawsuit

Dan Franklin on the Growing Consistency of the Pro-Choice Position

ConsistencyRecently my son-in-law Dan Franklin, married to my daughter Karina, wrote a very insightful article on his Facebook page. Dan is the teaching pastor at Life Bible Fellowship in Upland, California. Dan takes a fresh slant on new developments in the abortion debate.

Disabled Children and Our Cultural Blindspot

Boaz ReigstadAs far back as the 1980's, I read about a survey of pediatricians in which 3/4 said they would abort if knew they were going to have a Down Syndrome Child. Another survey of pediatricians and pediatric surgeons re­vealed that more than two out of three would go along with parents’ wishes to deny life-saving surgery to a child with Down syndrome.

How did Eternal Perspective Ministries begin? part 2

Money Possessions and EternityIn the last blog post, I shared the story of the civil lawsuit that caused me to resign as a pastor and begin Eternal Perspective Ministries.

I had written about God's ownership in my book Money, Possessions and Eternity, which came out in 1989, only months before I became involved in civil disobedience. Little did I know while writing that I would literally own nothing—including that book itself—within a year of when it came out.

How did Eternal Perspective Ministries begin? part 1

perspectiveThis month marks the 20th anniversary for Eternal Perspective Ministries, the nonprofit ministry I founded in 1990. Some of you who read my blog might not know much about EPM, so thought I’d share in two blog posts about the abortion clinic lawsuits that led to my resignation as a pastor and to the beginning of EPM.

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