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Dug Down Deep and the Joy of Studying God

jumping for joyDoes studying God—and doctrine—have to be a dull discipline, or can it be an exhilarating exercise that transforms your life? I believe that theology is the foundation upon which worldview is built. People have good worldviews because they have good theology and bad worldviews because they have bad theology. I say this partly because I can't divorce heart orientation from theology. The word believe in the New Testament (for example, in John’s gospel) stresses belief as trust and submission. This is my approach to theology. It’s not a dried up system of intellectual affirmations divorced from a passion for God; rather, it is a life-transforming belief of both seeing and embracing God’s truth. It is a belief that is a trust—one which permeates your mind and heart and life.

The Bio Optical Organized Knowledge Device

bookI loved this video Tim Challies put me onto. It introduces a revolutionary product: the Bio Optical Organized Knowledge Device. Watch the video to find out about its amazing advantages!

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