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Randy Alcorn's Blog: life

Spend Your Day with Eternity in Mind

Adoniram Judson

Missionary Adoniram Judson said this (read these words carefully):

A life once spent is irrevocable. It will remain to be contemplated for eternity. The same may be said of each day. When it is once past, it is gone forever.

A Response to Tina Fey’s Rebuke of Prolife Men

CassiCassi is a dear sister in Christ who heads up the disability ministry at our church. Her response to comedian Tina Fey’s much publicized rebuke of prolife men is well worth reading.


Francis Chan on Aging Biblically—a Message for All Ages

Francis ChanNone of us knows how much time we have left in this world, but in terms of eternity, the time for all of us is very short. No matter what our age, we can all benefit from this perspective. As missionary C. T. Studd put it, “Only one life, ‘twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

The Hunger Games and a Hunger for the Real Life

The Hunger GamesI’ve received notes from readers asking about my take on The Hunger Games movie and books. I haven’t personally read the books or watched the movie, but I’m sharing some thoughts from Julia Stager, graduate student in theology and support staff here at Eternal Perspective Ministries.

The Call to Follow Christ: Os Guinness, Part 2

The CallI’m posting a series of blogs from an excellent interview with Os Guinness titled “Rediscovering ‘Calling’ Will Revitalize Church and Society.” (Check out part 1 if you missed it.) In this excerpt, Os talks about his book The Call, which I highly recommend.

The Water of Life for the Thirsty

Flowing streamIn C. S. Lewis’s The Silver Chair, a young girl from earth, Jill Pole, is alone, lost, and very thirsty as she wanders through the foreign world of Narnia. Then she sees, for the first time, Aslan, the great and ferocious lion, standing by a stream of fresh water.


Jonathan Parnell on the Preeminence of Jesus

God's WordI love this article by Jonathan Parnell. It is especially good for parents of young children, but good for the rest of us as well. Though our life demands are different, we can all relate to what he is saying.


Reflections on Psalm 1 by John Piper, and the Importance of Finishing Well

Tree fruit

Our dear friend and EPM board member Robin Green sent us this note with the following poem by John Piper, introduced by his wife Noel. Robin wrote, "This poem reminded me of the importance of finishing well. May we all be as well remembered!"

A Discussion on Living Life to Preempt Regrets

Man against sunset of lifeNot long ago on my Facebook page, I retweeted a quote from John Piper. He wrote, “So much deep, heart-wrenching sorrow of regret among 60 somethings. I plead with you under 40: Preempt this!” A lively discussion followed about what the quote meant and how it applies to our lives. What follows is a portion of that discussion.

Oswald Chambers: You Are Not Your Own

Oswald ChambersI appreciated this writing by Oswald Chambers, a Scottish minister and teacher whose teachings were compiled in the classic devotional My Utmost for His Highest.

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