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Randy Alcorn's Blog: mark driscoll

Young Prolife Evangelicals and Abortion

Unborn childFollowing is part four of my video interview with Pastor Mark Driscoll at The Resurgence, as well as an edited transcript. (See all the parts of this interview at http://theresurgence.com/series/randy-alcorn-interview.) This video is titled, “Are Young Pro-life evangelicals inconsistent in how they approach the issue of abortion?”

"You Are in Danger": Mark Driscoll Preaches on Hell

Mark DriscollIn this powerful nine-minute video, Pastor Mark Driscoll answers the question about whether those who die without faith in Christ go to hell.

The Authority of Scripture and the Supernatural Leading of the Holy Spirit

Doug Wilson and Mark DriscollI enjoyed this dialogue between Doug Wilson and Mark Driscoll, two controversial pastors who I happen to appreciate. Please, rather than commenting about why you don’t like either of them, just listen to what they’re saying here and judge it on its own merit. THEN I welcome your comments. :)

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