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What is your opinion of positive thinking?

Positive thinkingBiblical thinking says, “I come to grips with the negatives in life, and not by denying them.” I don’t deny I have cancer if I have cancer. I don’t deny I have struggles in my marriage relationship if I do. I don’t deny that I’m really struggling in my walk with God. Positive thinking is not what I can grab onto that gets me through these difficult things.

Seeing Yourself As You Really Are

MirrorWhat I think about myself is important. We all have a self-image. But not all self-images are equally valid.

Biola University: a Place for Students to Nurture Their Faith

BiolaEarlier this year, I spent a wonderful and exhausting four days at Biola University. I was certainly familiar with Biola by reputation, but my experience there exceeded expectations.  What a pleasure it was to be in a place where God’s Word is actually believed and the cutting edge thing to do is not to depart from Scripture, but to be about Jesus and to start with the authority of His Word.

Heavenly Minded and of Earthly Good

MountainsOver the years, a number of people have told me, “We shouldn’t think about Heaven. We should just think about Jesus.”

This viewpoint sounds spiritual, doesn’t it? But it is based on wrong assumptions, and it is clearly contradicted by Scripture.


Desiring God 2010 National Conference

Francis ChanAs I shared with those on Facebook, Nanci and I had an amazing few days at the Desiring God conference in Minneapolis. Francis Chan's message on Saturday night was anointed by God.

Thoughts about Thinking for the Christian

man sittingMy friend Justin Taylor recently posted this on his excellent blog, one of my favorites. I also enjoy Tim Challies's blog, which Justin refers to. Here are some important thoughts about thinking and the Christian life.

Truth and the Mind Matter

2007 Desiring God National Conference SpeakersI'm honored to be one of the Friday seminar speakers for this year's Desiring God National Conference, which has the theme "Think: The Life of the Mind & the Love of God." After I speak on Friday, October 1 about "Difficult Truths & Deep Love: Pondering Sovereignty, Suffering, and the Promise of Heaven," Nanci and I will be staying to attend the featured weekend conference, October 2-3.

Taking Charge of the TV

TV remoteWith summer here and kids out of school, many Christians, and especially those who are parents, might be wondering: How do I take charge of the television?

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