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Seeing Yourself As You Really Are

By Randy Alcorn | August 6, 2012
What I think about myself is important. We all have a self-image. But not all self-images are equally valid.

Heavenly Minded and of Earthly Good

By Randy Alcorn | November 28, 2011
Over the years, a number of people have told me, “We shouldn’t think about Heaven. We should just think about Jesus.”

Desiring God 2010 National Conference

By Randy Alcorn | October 4, 2010
As I shared with those on Facebook, Nanci and I had an amazing few days at the Desiring God conference in Minneapolis. Francis Chan's message on Saturday night was anointed by God.

Thoughts about Thinking for the Christian

By Randy Alcorn | September 10, 2010
My friend Justin Taylor recently posted this on his excellent blog, one of my favorites. I also enjoy Tim Challies's blog, which Justin refers to. Here are some important thoughts about thinking and the Christian life.

Truth and the Mind Matter

By Randy Alcorn | September 2, 2010
I'm honored to be one of the Friday seminar speakers for this year's Desiring God National Conference, which has the theme "Think: The Life of the Mind & the Love of God." 

Taking Charge of the TV

By Randy Alcorn | July 29, 2009
With summer here and kids out of school, many Christians, and especially those who are parents, might be wondering: How do I take charge of the television?