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Escaping from the Love of Money

By Randy Alcorn | September 11, 2017
I greatly appreciate this short video from my good friend Tony Cimmarrusti, which is a challenge for all of us to live with an eternal perspective about the resources God gives us to manage.

Lottery Winner Says Winning “Has Ruined My Life”

By Randy Alcorn | March 10, 2017
One of the great ironies of gambling is that the vast majority of people lose money, while the few who win discover money doesn’t make them happy—and often it actually ruins their lives! One study reported that “six months after winning the lottery, you are likely to be no happier than if you had been paralyzed in a car crash.”

Where’s Your Heart?

By Randy Alcorn | May 11, 2016
Do you wish you cared more about eternal things? Then reallocate some of your money, maybe most of your money, from temporal things to eternal things. 

The Full Implications of God’s Ownership

By Randy Alcorn | February 24, 2014
When I’ve taught from 1 Corinthians 6 in a college class, I have asked someone in the front row to lend me his pencil for a moment. 

Chasing the Wind

By Randy Alcorn | September 28, 2012
The book of Ecclesiastes is the most powerful exposé of materialism ever written. 

You Can’t Take It with You

By Randy Alcorn | September 21, 2012
A sad news story that powerfully illustrates “you can’t take it with you.” Think of how the treasure could have been used to make a short-term and long-term difference in people’s lives. 

Book Giveaway: Managing God’s Money

By Stephanie Anderson | March 2, 2011
God cares a great deal more about our money than most of us imagine. The sheer enormity of Scripture’s teaching on this subject screams for our attention.