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Can We or Should We Talk to Loved Ones in Heaven?

By Randy Alcorn | May 2, 2008
I’d like to address a recent question that came up in a blog comment last week. I figure other readers might have read the question and may be interested, since I've been asked it many times over the years.

The question was, from a biblical standpoint, is it okay to talk to our loved ones who've gone on to be with Jesus?

Everyone We See Has a Story

By Randy Alcorn | August 4, 2010
Check out this video produced by a company I really respect, Chick-fil-A. I think it’s very moving. It reminds me of the divine appointments God gives us daily.

Fourteen Lessons on Prayer from Daniel 9-10

By Randy Alcorn | August 4, 2014
God hears our prayers and starts responding to them (when we pray with Daniel’s attitude and perspective) before we can see results, and even when we can’t see results at all. 

It’s over; but it’s not Over (one day it will be)

By Randy Alcorn | November 4, 2008
The election is over. Followers of Christ, regardless of who they advocated and voted for, should now pray wholeheartedly for our new president and his administration, as Scripture instructs us in First Timothy 2:1-4.

Longing for God and Joy, from Augustine

By Randy Alcorn | February 11, 2008
Aurelius Augustine, 354-430 AD, was a church father and theologian who made a remarkable impact, to the point that nearly all of us today are in his debt for some of the distinctives of our theology.