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An exchange between Ben Fielding and Li Quan about God and the problem of evil

Safely HomeOn February 28, I will be interacting for three hours with a Torrey Honors Institute class at BIOLA University. We’ll be discussing my novel Safely Home, which the students will have read.

Bert Elliot: A faithful star, rising night after night for Christ

Bert and Colleen ElliotMissionary Bert Elliot (brother of martyred missionary Jim Elliot) went home to be with Jesus last Friday. Nanci and I met Bert and his wife Colleen in January 2006, which marked the fiftieth anniversary of the martyrdom of the five missionaries in Ecuador.

Evaluating Movies in Light of Scripture

Movie theaterOn my Facebook page, someone asked: "Randy, you often mention that you and Nanci have been to a movie. I'm curious about what kind and rating of movies you attend. I'm interested in how you regard the type of movie (violence, sexual overtones, etc.). Should Christians knowingly attend such films? This of course also applies to TV programs."

Questions on Heaven from Corban University Students

CorbanLast month I did a Q&A on Heaven at Corban University’s chapel. I enjoyed meeting students and sharing what God’s word says about our eternal home.

Maggie Grace: A Reflection of the Goodness of the God Who Made Her

Randy and MaggieRecently when we were filming in my office, our Golden retriever Maggie, who is growing more each day, made a guest appearance. Thought I would share it with you. Maggie is a gift from God to Nanci and me. We love dogs in general and this one in particular.

Detective Ollie Chandler Interviews Rebecca Butler

DeceptionRecently someone mentioned on my Facebook page that he was reading Deception and laughed his way through the chapter where the main character Detective Ollie Chandler interviews an eccentric lady named Becky Butler. I really enjoyed writing that scene, which I’ve included as an excerpt in this blog.

Anticipating What God Has Promised: “Life Promises for Eternity”

Life Promises for EternityAnticipating Heaven doesn’t eliminate life’s pain, but it lessens it and puts it in perspective. Meditating on God’s eternal promises is a great pain reliever. It reminds us that suffering and death are temporary conditions.

Congratulations to Tyndale House Publishers on their 50th Anniversary

TyndaleI’m grateful to all my friends at Tyndale for agreeing to publish books I believe God has put on my heart, starting with the first edition of my book Money, Possessions and Eternity back in 1989.

Should we literally gouge out an eye that causes us to sin?

deal radicallyThe eye represents what we see. The hand represents what we do. What I think Jesus is saying here in Matt. 5:27-32 is, “Deal radically with what you expose your eyes to. Deal radically with what you handle and do, the places you go, and what you touch.”

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