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Reflections on Christmas 2007, Children and Gratitude to God

By Randy Alcorn | January 7, 2008
This was our first Christmas with family numbered in double digits. Nanci and I are deeply grateful for our wonderful daughters, our awesome sons-in-law and our four priceless grandsons. Including Jack, little Santa.

Relationships in Heaven?

By Randy Alcorn | July 22, 2009
Genesis 2:18: The Lord God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him."

Resolved Conference 2008, Palm Springs

By Randy Alcorn | July 1, 2008
Two weeks ago this moment, Nanci and I were flying home after the Resolved Conference in Palm Springs. Coming back to a green Oregon summer was nice after it hit 115 degrees in Palm Springs.

Resting and Wrestling

By Randy Alcorn | November 23, 2009
I was listening to a John Piper message on Hebrews 12, titled "The Painful Discipline of Our Heavenly Father," and appreciated this introduction, so I’m sharing it with you. 

Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee and my Grandchildren

By Randy Alcorn | November 27, 2007
This is my fourth and final blog on presidential candidates. I said I’d comment on Ron Paul, the Texas congressman with libertarian ideals who is running for the Republican nomination.